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6 December 2018

Dear members

Over the last couple of months SASAS was busy upgrading its website to a more "mobile friendly" site. When the upgrade was discussed, it was also decided to incorporate a membership system in the website to optimize the process of handling membership applications and renewals as well as the payment of membership fees. Since we will now be on a mobile friendly platform, the website can be accessed from and the application form completed on any of your mobile devices, laptop or computer.

The new website, which will go live before the end of December 2018, will be open to everybody and they can access it at no cost as in the past. The members’ section will only be open to active members.

What happens with the applications for membership or renewal of membership?

Since this is a new system, we are spelling out the process to be followed by applicants and how payment can be made:

  • The application form is completed on the website by both current and new members.
  • An applicant must nominate a SASAS member who knows him/her to support his/her application. Foreign applicants must attach copies of their certificates to the application form.
  • Since the renewal of membership for current members will be an administrative process, members are kindly requested to nominate Prof Jannes van Ryssen ( or Hansie Bekker ( to “support” their applications.
  • At this point, the application is submitted.
  • The system will send the application to the nominated person/referee who can support or decline the application.
  • If the application is supported, a message goes back to the applicant and he can complete the process and pay his fees.
  • If the application is not supported, a message will go to the secretary and he will finalise the application.
  • From the second year, the profiles of members will be on the database, they can then access the system, correct information where necessary and pay their fees.
  • As is the case now, membership is valid for a year from 1 January to 31 December.
  • After 31 December all members will be made inactive until they pay their fees for the new year.
  • Once SASAS has a database of its members, the secretary will be able communicate easier with members, reminders to renew membership, etc. Since everybody will have access to the website, the members’ section could be used to enhance communication members.

Payment of fees

  • Membership fees must be paid to complete the application process. Fees could be paid by credit card or Instant EFT while the applicant is on the website. SASAS now has an  account which will enhance your online “shopping” for membership.
  • We are aware that some cases companies / Departments are paying for their employees in bulk. Then there are single members whose companies are paying for them and they require an invoice.  Others pay their fees and claim it back later.
  • These cases can be handled within the system and members’ co-operation to make it work as smoothly as possible, will be appreciated.
  • How will it work?
    • Bigger groups: As soon as he gets a list of people from a company/department who have applied or will be applying, the secretary will issue an invoice for that company / department. As soon as the company has paid, the secretary will issue a coupon will be issued and members from that company can then finalise their applications by going back to the website and enter the coupon code.
    • Single members: These members complete the application for membership and at a point in the process, after it has been approved, ask for an invoice to be issued. They must then interrupt their application process and wait for the company to pay. Once paid, a coupon will be issued, and the member can complete the process.
    • Members paying their fees and claim back: These members go through the application process, pay their fees and print a document confirming that fees have been paid. (“Thank you for your payment”).

We are looking forward to working with you all to get this new system off the ground, to build up a database of all our members, to streamline the payment of membership fees and to sort out any hick-ups as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster, Hansie Bekker( / 082 820 4306) if you experience any problems on the website.

Kind regards

Hansie Bekker

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