Issue: 1
2 002, Volume 3, Issue 1
Title Page Author
Recent advances in ostrich nutrition in South Africa: Effect of dietary energy and protein level on the performance of growing 1 - 9 Tertius Brand, Kobus Nel, Zanell Brand and Koot van Schalkwyk
Food security in Africa: an agriculturalist’s perception 10 - 15 A.G. Paterson
Use of unrefined fish oil in ostrich diets 16 - 17 Tertius Brand, Maresa Joubert, Louw Hoffman, Gerrit van der Merwe and Dalene Young
BST and antibiotics in milk production 32 - 37 J.A.H. Evans
Validation of interim Breeding Values as predictors of National Estimated Breeding Values for beef cattle in South Africa 38 - 43 R.R. van der Westhuizen and F.J. Jordaan