Issue: 1
2 004, Volume 5, Issue 1
Title Page Author
Effect of marketing strategy on the production performance of cattle herds from four different breed types in the arid sweet bus 1 - 7 I du Plessis and LC Hoffman
Adding of a blue-green micro-algae, spirulina, to maize at ensiling 8 - 10 R. Meeske
Breeding seasons for beef cattle in South Africa 11 - 17 L. Bergh
Preliminary results on the beef production of Belgian-Blue x Jersey-, Limousin x Jersey- and Jersey cattle in a pasture based sy 18 - 20 C.J.C. Muller, R. Meeske, G.D. van der Merwe and J.A. Botha
Questions regarding current milk pricing structures in the dairy industry in South Africa 21 - 24 C.J.C. Muller and N.R. Robertson
Wiskundige voedings-optimerings model vir volstruise – Samevatting van onlangse studies om die voedingsbehoeftes van slag- en br 25 - 34 Tertius Brand, Rob Gous, Annelie Kruger, Zanell Brand, Kobus Nel, Bennie Aucamp en Stephan Engelbrecht
A decision making model for stable beef production in arid environments 39 - 44 I. du Plessis and C. van der Waal
Strategies for dairy production in rural areas 45 - 47 T.J. Dugmore, P.A. Oosthuizen and J.F. du Toit
The evaluation of Sericea Lespedeza in a partial total mixed ration for dairy cows 48 - 48 T.J. Dugmore
Crop residues for animal feeding 49 - 51 W.D. Gertenbach1 and T.J. Dugmore
The effect of different calving seasons on animal performance and feed requirements in the Highland Sourveld 52 - 53 A.D. Lyle, W.D. Gertenbach and T.J. Dugmore
The evaluation of whole raw soyabeans in a finisher feed for feedlot cattle fed in a feedlot or on veld 54 - 56 J. Viljoen, J.A. Collyer & T.J. Dugmore


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