Issue: 1
2 009, Volume 2, Issue 1
Title Page Author
Estimation of live body weight from the heart girth measurement in KwaZulu-Natal goats 1 - 8 J.F. de Villiers, S.T. Gcumisa, S.A. Gumede, S.P. Thusi, T.J. Dugmore, M. Cole, J.F. du Toit, A.F. Vatta and C. Stevens
Goat farming in South Africa: Findings of a national livestock survey 9 - 13 J. Bester, K.A. Ramsay and M.M. Scholtz
Survival of Holstein-Friesian heifers on commercial dairy farms in Kenya 14 - 17 D.K. Menjo, B.O. Bebe, A.M. Okeyo and J.M.K. Ojango
Characterisation of production systems for indigenous chicken genetic resources of South Africa 18 - 22 B.J. Mtileni, F.C. Muchadeyi, A. Maiwashe, P.M. Phitsane, T.E. Halimani, M. Chimonyo and K. Dzama
Capacity building for sustainable use of animal genetic resources in developing countries 23 - 26 J.M.K. Ojango, B. Malmfors, A.M. Okeyo and J. Philipsson


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