Issue: 1
2 018, Volume 11, Issue 1
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Heat stress in dairy cows and the effect of a shade structure 1 - 4 C.J.C. Muller & J.A. Botha
An investigation of poultry production in Fetakgomo Municipality of Sekhukhune district in Limpopo Province 5 - 13 E.M. Zwane, M. Maja & J. van Niekerk
Women’s participation in livestock activities under small-scale farming system in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa 14 - 21 S. Mthi, N. Nyangiwe, R. Menhas, A. Mushunje & I.D. Ighodaro
Stratified cattle production in pastoral areas of Kenya: Existing forms, driving factors and management practices 22 - 33 Bulle Hallo Dabasso, Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Patrick Irungu & Brigitte Kaufmann
The status of livestock production in communal farming areas of the Eastern Cape: A case of Majali Community, Peelton 34 - 40 S. Goni, A. Skenjana & N. Nyangiwe
Effect of serial hatching and season on egg production and hatchability of non-descript indigenous Xhosa chicken ecotype 41 - 45 S. Ngambu, J.M. Rust & G. Nkohla
A live weight-heart girth relationship in Nguni-type and Brahman-type cattle as a tool for small-scale farmers 46 - 52 Anne Conan, Anne Meyer, Bjorn Reininghaus, Jacques van Rooyen & Darryn L Knobel
Wood ash in livestock nutrition: 1. Factors affecting the mineral composition of wood ash 53 - 61 J.B.J. van Ryssen & H. Ndlovu
Wood ash in livestock nutrition: 2. Different uses of wood ash in animal nutrition 62 - 67 J.B.J. van Ryssen
To twin or not to twin 68 - 75 L. Pienaar, M.M. Scholtz & K.A. Nephawe