SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
1 972, Volume 2, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
The effect of the protein solubility of fish meal and the roughage content of the supplemented diet on its digestion by sheep 1 - 8 G.N. Louw, E.L. Steenkamp & P.K. van der Merwe
The influence of live weight on the voluntary intake of low quality roughage by merino sheep and its implications for successful 9 - 12 G.N. Louw, E.L. Steenkamp & P.K. van der Merwe
Die benutting van batteryhoendermis in oorwinteringsrantsoene van jong vleisbeeste 13 - 13 A.A. van der Westhuizen en J.M. Hugo
Die benutting van batteryhoendermis in groeirantsoene van jong vleisbeeste 15 - 16 A.A. van der Westhuizen en J.M. Hugo
Die voorkoms van puberteit en daaropvolgende estrusperiodes by vleisrasverse 17 - 18 W.A Coetzer en J. van Marle
The incidence of foetal dwarfism in shorthorn cattle in the subtropics 19 - 21 J.C. Bonsma, J.F.G. Badenhorst and J.D. Skinner
The insulin tolerance test and the outcome of pregnancy in normal and habitual aborter Angora goat does 23 - J.M. van der Westhuysen
Influence of weight of dam on weaning weight of Dorper lambs 25 - 26 Q.P. Campbell
The effect of castration and vasectomy on male Zebus which grazed veld under two systems of management 27 - 31 D.H. Hale and J. Oliver
The effect of castration and plane of nutrition on growth of male Zebus 33 - 34 D.H. Hale and J. Olivier
Die bepaling van spier, vet en been in karkasse en snitte van jong osse 35 - 39 R.T. Naude
Seisoenale veranderinge in chemiese samestelling van volwasse blesbokramme (Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi) van die Van Riebeeck na 41 - 44 F.E. Kroon, W.J.J. van Rensburg en H.S. Hofmeyr
Beskrywing van tegnieke en chemiese analises van skaapliggame en foute daaraan verbonde 45 - 50 H.S. Hofmeyr, F.E. Kroon, W.J.J. van Rensburg en L. van der Merwe

Issue: 2
1 972, Volume 2, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
The influence of dietary protein and energy concentration on the body composition of broiler breeder pullets 51 - 58 R.M. Gous
The evaluation and standardisation of pig rations under South African conditions: 2.The influence of feeding protein and energy 59 - 64 E.H. Kemm and M.N. Ras
Sulphur containing licks and their effect on the mineral vitamin balance of sheep 65 - 67 P.A. Boyazoglu, E.L. Barrett and J. De V. Du Toit
Absence of de-adaptation to biuret after a three-day break in feeding it to sheep 69 - 72 E.F. Whiteside and J.H. Clayton
Preliminary note on fasting metabolism and feed intake in the blesbok, Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi, and the South African mutton 73 - 74 H.H. Meissner and H.S. Hofmeyr
Pre- and post-weaning performance of artificially reared lambs 75 - 78 G.L. Hunter, L.P. Vosloo, J. Grobbelaar and C.H. van Niekerk
Winter cereal pasture and Eragrostis curvula hay for fat lamb production 79 - 83 N.J. Fair & J. Reyneke
Aspects of puberty in the indigenous gilt 85 - 90 D.H. Holness
Differences in progesterone synchronized oestrus and ovulation in three cattle breeds 91 - 92 J.M. van der Westhuysen
A note on cryptorchidism in Angora coats 93 - 95 J.D. Skinner, J.A.H. van Heerden and E.J.Goris
Preliminary study on water and electrolyte metabolism during thermal and dehydrational stress in two breeds of sheep 97 - 100 H.H. Meissner and P.C. Belonje
Meat quality of seven wild ungulate species 101 - 103 M. von La Chevallerie
The effect of two stunning techniques on the pH1 values of muscles in carcasses of bacon pigs 105 - 107 J.F.G. Klingbiel and R.T. Naudé
The influence of slaughter technique and histological treatment on muscle fibre diameter of low and high pH1 pork muscle 109 - 112 J.H. Dreyer, R.T. Naudé and P.J. Gouws
Hide and leather quality in relation to cattle breed, sex and age 113 - 116 D.R. Cooper and A.C. Galloway
Lamverliese in die Neudamm-Karakoelstoet 117 - 120 P.J. le Roux

1 972, Volume 2, Issue 2 SASAP Annual Congress 1972, Invited paper
Title Page Author(s)
Thoughts on meat production 125 - 129 R. Hirzel
A model research council for agriculture in South-Africa 131 - 137 W.H. Craib
Livestock production systems for increased yield on resources 139 - 149 K.E. Gregory
Resistance to heat in man and other animals 151 - 159 D. Mitchell
Microbiology of the rumen in relation to the nutrition and physiology of the animal 161 - 167 F.M.C. Gilchrist and H.M. Schwartz
Reflex closure of the oesophageal groove and its potential application in ruminant nutrition 169 - 176 E.R. Ørskov
Recent estimates of energy utilization by young dairy calves 177 - 181 P.T.C. Johnson
The contribution of industry to agricultural development in South Africa 183 - 185 F.J.H. le Riche