SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
1 974, Volume 4, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
The effect of ruminal and duodenal application of different levels of calcium and phosphorus to sheep on semi-purified diets 1 - 20 J.W. Nel and R.J. Moir
The utilization of milk diets with different fat content by the preruminant calf 1. Digestibility and metabolizability of the d 21 - 26 L.H.P. Liebenberg and F.J. van der Merwe
The voluntary feed intake of three breeds of sheep on natural pasture 27 - 29 E.A.N. Engels, A. Malan and M.A. Baard
Proteïenbronne in die rantsoene van groeiende varke 1. 'n Vergelyking tussen vismeel en verhitte volvet sojaboonmeel 31 - 37 G.A. Smith, E.H. Kemm & M.N. Ras
Some observations on the effect of grass-seed penetration on the growth and carcase quality of weaner lambs 39 - 43 P. le Roux
Plasma luteinizing hormone levels in ewes failing to exhibit oestrus during lactation and in ewes isolated from rams 45 - 49 A.W. Lishman, W.J. Stielau, I.E. Dreosti, A.M. Stewart & W.A. Botha
Studies on levels of luteinizing hormone and prolactin in serum of cycling and anoestrous cows 51 - 54 D.H. Hale
Evidence for a functional role of the pineal in bovines 55 - 60 M.M.M. Hayes, B.K. Knight and R.B. Symington
Synchronization of ovulation in beef herds: Improved conception rate after and interrupted course of progesterone administratio 61 - 65 J.F.W. Grosskopf
The influence of maternal handicap on growth and reproduction in sheep 67 - 69 A.W. Lishman, W.J. Stielau & W.A. Botha
Influence of mass gain during gestation on milk production of ewes 71 - 74 P. le Roux
The response of muscle cells during compensatory growth in rats 75 - 79 A.M. Stewart
The relationship between size and efficiency in the beef cow 81 - 91 J.D.G. Steenkamp and C. van der Horst
Automatic collection of bovine blood samples 93 - 95 D.H. Hale

Issue: 2
1 974, Volume 4, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
Utilization of protein from opaque -2 Maize by chicken and rat 97 - 101 J.J. du Preez, H.O. Gevers, G.V. Quicke & R.M. Gous
Die vitamien A-status van beeste op Elsenburg 103 - 107 J.J. Erasmus en F.J. van der Merwe
Die invloed van stikstofbemesting op die opbrengs en voedingswaarde van Eragrostis curvula-hooi 109 - 112 A.J. van Heerden, J.W. Nel en P. Mellet
The voluntary feed intake of dry and lactating cows on natural pasture 113 - 116 E.A.N. Engels, A. Malan & M.A. Baard
Continuous stall feeding of pineapple silage as the only source of roughage to dairy cattle 117 - 119 E.J.B. Bishop and J.A.G. Nell
Voerstelsels vir superlamproduksie 121 - 125 A.J. van Heerden en J. Reyneke
The influence of breed and plane of nutrition on the chronology of teeth eruption in sheep 127 - 130 S.P. Arrowsmith, J.D.G. Steenkamp and P. le Roux
Stress-induced release of prolactin in cycling and anoestrous ewes, and in wethers 131 - 135 B.P. Louw, A.W. Lishman and W.A. Botha
Luteinizing hormone (LH) and prolactin levels at oestrus following synchronisation with progestogens in the ewe 137 - 141 J.P. Baumgartner, A.W. Lishman, B.P. Louw & W.A. Botha
Release of LH in ewes treated with progestogen and oestrogen during the anoestrous season 143 - 145 A.W. Lishman, W.A. Botha & B.P. Louw
The effect of pellet volume, dilution rates prefreezing and at thawing, and of thawing temperature on the survival and acrosome- 147 - 155 D. Visser
The effect of freezing method on the survival of ram spermatozoa 157 - 163 D. Visser
’n Voolopige mededeling oor die bevriesing van boerboksemen 165 - 166 A.F. Rossouw
The influence of vasectomized rams on the lambing pattern of spring-mated Corriedale ewes 167 - 169 B.P. Louw, F.E. Marx & D.D. Yates
The effect of heterosexual contact on libido and mating dexterity in Karakul rams 171 - 174 P.J. le Roux and J.P. Barnard
Maize silage and/or Eragrostis curvula hay for wintering pregnant beef cows 175 - 176 H.J. Meaker & S.F. Lesch
Ovulatory response in progesterone synchronized Bonsmara cows and heifers 177 - 180 A. Jurriaanse, C. Maree and H.A.W. Venter
The occurrence of post partum anoestrus in Bonsmara cows on supplemented sourveld grazing 181 - 183 C. Maree, A. Jurriaanse and H.A.W. Venter
Some factors affecting fertility in dry cows in southern Africa 185 - 189 J.M. van der Westhuysen and J.A. Venter
Preliminary study on milk yield and growth of Gelbvieh, Fleckvieh and Schwarzbunten cattle in Angola 191 - 195 J.L. Periera
Vleisproduksie met die Jerseymoer as basis. 1. Die produksiepotensiaal van Jerseykoeie onder ekstensiewe toestande 197 - 201 A.H. Mentz, W.A. Coetzer, J.A. Vermeulen & J.E. Coetzee
Vleisproduksie met die Jerseymoer as basis. 2. Die produksiepotensiaal van verskillende kruisgeteelde Jerseynageslag 203 - 207 A.H. Mentz, W.A. Coetzer, J.A. Vermeulen en J.E. Coetzee
Relatiewe ekonomiese belangrikheid en oorerflikheid van sekere eienskappe van bruin karakoelpelse 209 - 212 D.J. Gouws
A technique for the collection of urine from cows 213 - 213 M.H. Neitz and C.L. Hartman
The beef and veal industry its intensification in the European economic community and South Africa's export possibilities 227 - 240 J.G. Boyazoglu

1 974, Volume 4, Issue 2 SASAP Annual Congress 1974, Invited paper
Title Page Author(s)
Some thoughts on intensive animal production 219 - 220 G.H. Braak
Intensive beef production; Accomplishments and problems 221 - 226 R.L. Preston
The beef and veal industry its intensification in the European economic community and South Africa's export possibilities 227 - 240 J.G. Boyazoglu
Principles of an A.I. breeding programme with special reference to the use of Holstein Friesians in the German black and white c 241 - 246 E. Schwarz
Intensification of the beef-cow herd 247 - 258 G.O. Harwin and J.H. Lombard
Intensive housing and its effects on farm animals 259 - 264 S.H. Baxter
Better quality maize protein 265 - 270 G.V. Quicke
Nuutste ontwikkelinge in kennis oor die mineraalmetabolisme en mineraalversorging van herkouers 271 - 274 F.J. van der Merwe
Recent advances in the deep-freeze preservation of ram semen 275 - 288 D. Visser
Egg transfer as an adjunct to twinning in cattle 289 - 296 W.J. Neville and I. Gordon
The breeding of beef cattle in South Africa: past, present and future 297 - 304 J. van Marle
Die teling van kleinvee – verlede, hede en toekoms 305 - 314 J.A. Nel


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