SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 2
1 976, Volume 6, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
Supplementation of energy and/or protein to steers grazing summer veld 59 - 66 J. Reyneke
Cane molasses as a replacement for maize meal in beef fattening rations 67 - 72 B.D.H. van Niekerk & D.J. Voges
Die invloed van verskille in die peil en verhouding van proteïen en energie in die rantsoen van die reproduserende sog 73 - 78 E.H. Kemm & M.N. Ras
Evalua tion of the protein quality of fish meals by means of the NPU method 79 - 85 J.J. du Preez, J.F.M. Lahey, J.P. Hayes & H.W. Stindt
The release of luteinizing hormone (LH) in ewes deprived of prolactin during lactation 87 - 91 B.P. Louw, A.W. Lishman, W.A. Botha, P.A.R. Arangie, B.G. Poultney & M.J. Gunter
Die effek van verkorte draagtyd na verskillende hormoonbehandelings op pelseienskappe van karakoellammers 93 - 96 P.J. le Roux & L.C. van Wyk
The effect of oestrus synchronisation on conception rate of lactating beef cows 97 - 99 J.F.W. Grosskopf
Adaptation to protein deficiency: cortisol, thyroxine, insulin and glucose in young pigs 101 - 104 J.M. van der Westhuysen, P.C. Belonje, A.P.D. de Satge & D.H. Holness
Die invloed van tyd van ontweiding op die pH en sekere ander eienskappe van varkspiere 105 - 109 J.F.G. Klingbiel, R.T. Naude & S.J. Fourie
A note on intensive weaner calf production from dairy cows 111 - 113 J. Reyneke

1 976, Volume 6, Issue 2 SASAP Annual Congress 1976, Invited paper
Title Page Author(s)
Animal production in a grain hungry world or competition between man in a resource limited world 129 - 137 G.L. McClymont
The future role of improved pastures for beef cattle 139 - 146 E.P. Theron•& G.O. Harwin
Die moontlikheid van bytsoda•behandelde ruvoere vir veeproduksie 147 - 154 H.S. Hofmeyr & T.H. Jansen
Efficiency the key to future pig production 155 - 162 E.H. Kemm
The role of poultry in food production 163 - 169 G.L. Faber


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