SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 3
1 991, Volume 21, Issue 3
Title Page Author(s)
’n Vergelyking van braaikuikenprestasies op gemaalde en ongemaalde graansorghum gebaseerde diete 111 - 114 G.M. Schutte and G.A. Smith
Onbehandelde, natriumhidroksied- en formaldehiedbehandelde vMproefgraansorghum as energiebron in die diete van braaikuikens 115 - 119 G.M. Schutte and G.A. Smith
Invloed van mielieaanvulling en weidruk op produksie van ooie en lammers op wintersuurveld 120 - 126 W.P. Henning en H.H. Barnard
Feed intake, live mass-gain, body composition and protein deposition in pigs fed three protein levels 127 - 136 E.H. Kemm, F.K. Siebrits, M.N. Ras and H.A. Badenhorst
Nutritive value of Medicago truncatula (cv. Jemalong) as pasture for sheep. 2 Voluntary intake and animal production 137 - 143 T.S. Brand, S.W.P. Cloete, T.T. de Villiers, F. Franck and J. Coetzee
Feeding potential of summer grain crop residues for woolled sheep in the south-eastern Transvaal Highveld I. Availability of cro 144 - 149 C.D. Esterhuyse, S.D. Niemand and H.H. Meissner
Feeding potential of summer grain crop residues for woolled sheep in the south-eastern Transvaal Highveld 11. Selection of mate 149 - 152 C.D. Esterhuyse, S.D. Niemand and H.H. Meissner
Effect of curd suppression of a calf milk replacer fed at increasing levels on nutrient digestibility and body mass-gain 153 - 156 C.W. Cruywagen and J.G. Horn-Quass
Genetic and phenotypic parameters of pelt traits in a Karakul control flock 156 - 161 J.C. Greeff, A.S. Faure, GJ. Minnaar and S.J. Schoeman
Ondersoek na seleksiemaatstawwe by Afrinoskape. Genetiese parameters van groei- en woleienskappe 162 - 165 M.A. Badenhorst, J.J. Olivier, S.J. Schoeman en G.J. Delport
The repeatability of greasy wool mass of Merino breeding ewes in the south-western Cape (Short communication) 166 - 168 D.G. Poggenpoel and B. Brynard

Issue: 4
1 991, Volume 21, Issue 4
Title Page Author(s)
Lifetime reproduction of Karukul ewes as influenced by season of birth, age at first lambing and lambing interval 169 - 172 S.J. Schoeman, J.R. Albertyn and H.T. Groeneveld
Non-genetic factors affecting pelt traits in Karakul sheep 173 - 178 J.C. Greeff, A.S. Faure, G.J. Minnaar and S.J. Schoeman
The potential of maize crop residues for wintering sheep on the eastern Transvaal Highveld 178 - 184 H.W. van Pletzen, H.H. Meissner and T.M. Laas
Wheat-straw as roughage component in finishing diets of growing lambs 184 - 188 T.S. Brand, S.W.P. Cloete, F. Franck and G.D. van der Merwe
Utilization of the phosphorus in Langebaan rock phosphate by growing sheep (Short communication) 189 - 190 G. Fishwick
Presence of inbreeding during a selection experiment with Merino sheep (Short communication) 190 - 192 G.J. Erasmus, A.O. de Lange, G.J. Delport and JJ. Olivier
Comparison of the voluntary feed and water intake between springbok and sheep under captive conditions (Short communication) 192 - 194 F. Vorster and R.C. Bigalke
Dietary selection by steers grazing kikuyu (Short communication) 194 - 197 T.J. Dugmore, P.C.V. du Toit and S.J. Morning
Nutritive value of selected and non-selected (untreated or then-no-ammoniated) fractions of maize residues (Short communication) 197 - 201 L.D. Snyman, D. Aartsma and N. Barrie
Growth and efficiency of young Brahman, Bonsmara. and Drakensberger bulls (Short communication) 201 - 203 H.A. Kreiner, N.H. Casey, J.G.E. van Zyl and R.J. Coertze
Inclusion of Tarchonanthus camphorates in finishing diets for lambs (Short communication) 204 - 206 H.J. van der Merwe and I. Nel
A note on the early calving of beef heifers (Short communication) 206 - 209 M.M. Scholtz, P.E. Lombard and C.B. Enslin


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