SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
Issue: 3
1 997, Volume 27, Issue 3
Title Page Author(s)
The potential of Digitaria eriantha Steud. As summer pasture crop for growing sheep 59 - 63 B.G.J. van Vuuren, J.W. Cilliers, J.J. Jaarsma and H.J. van der Merwe
Relationship between the fertility of super ovulated ewes and the pre-ovulatory E2 surge 64 - 68 A.W. Lishman and M.C. van Deventer
Immunisation of ewes against oestradiol-17â in an attempt to increase the yield of viable 69 - 75 A.W. Lishman, M.C. van Deventer and D.G. Shaw
Blood, rib bone and rumen fluid as indicators of phosphorus status of grazing beef cows supplemented with different levels of ph 76 - 84 H.O. de Waal and G.J. Koekemoer
Biochemical polymorphism in five pig breeds in South Africa 85 - 89 F.H. van der Bank, M. Groenewald and A. Kotze