SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 2
1 998, Volume 28, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
An evaluation of Bana grass, Greengold and Pennaris. I. Intake by sheep and production characteristics 53 - T.D. de Bruyn, W.A. van Niekerk
An evaluation of Bana, Greengold and Pennaris. 60 - T.D. de Bruyn and W.A. van Niekerk
Mitochondrial DNA analysis of two Southern African 67 - S.C. Parfitt, H.H. Huismans
Genetic and phenotypic correlations among production and reproduction traits in Afrino sheep 74 - M.A. Snyman, G.J. Erasmus and J.B. van Wyk, J.J. Olivier
Ruminal VFA production rates, whole body metabolite kinetics 82 - M. J. Linington, J.H.F. Meyer, J.G. van der Walt
The use of energy by the splanchnic tissues and their metabolism 99 - M.J. Linington, J.H.F. Meyer and J.G. van der Walt
The possible genetic improvement of reproduction and survival rate in Afrino sheep using a threshold model 120 - M.A. Snyman, G.J. Erasmus and J.B. van Wyk


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