SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 000, Volume 30, Issue 1
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Genetic characterization of native southern African chicken populations: evaluation and selection of polymorphic microsatellite 1 - 6 E. van Marle-Köster and L.H. Nel
Evaluation of in vivo techniques for the determination of apparent ileal amino acid digestibilities in feedstuffs for piglets 7 - 15 J. Viljoen, S.E. Coetzee, J.C. Fick, F.K. Siebrits and J.P. Hayes
pH decline of the M. longissimus thoracis of night-cropped Grey Duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) (Short communication) 16 - 17 L.C. Hoffman and A.V. Ferreria
A comparison of the yield, nutritional value and predicted production potential of different maize hybrids for silage production 18 - 21 R. Meeske, H.M. Basson, J.P. Pienaar and C.W. Cruywagen
The use of crude protein content to predict concentrations of lysine and methionine in grain harvested from selected cultivars o 22 - 25 D.A. Brandt, T.S. Brand and C.W. Cruywagen
Sensory characteristics of meat and composition of carcass fat from sheep fed diets containing various levels of broiler litter 26 - 32 D.T. Mavimbela, E.C. Webb, J.B.J. Van Ryssen and M.J.C. Bosman
Performance of Nguni, Afrikander and Bonsmara cattle under drought conditions in the North West Province of Southern Africa (Sho 33 - 35 E. Collins-Lusweti
A survey of goat production in the developing areas of the North West Province of South Africa (Short communication) 34 - 35 E. Collins Lusweti
Growth, carcass and sensory characteristics of m. longissimus lumborum from wethers fed silage diets made from maize or various 36 - 42 M.J.C. Bosman, E.C. Webb, H.J. Cilliers and H.S. Steyn
Phosphorus supplementation to natural pasture grazing for beef cows in the Western Highveld region of South Africa 43 - 52 C.H.M. de Brouwer, J.W. Cilliers, L.M. Vermaak, H.J. van der Merwe and P.C.N. Groenewald
Carcass characteristics of South African native chicken lines (Short communication) 53 - 56 E. van Marle-Köster and E.C. Webb
The effect of protein inclusion level in diets formulated to contain an ideal amino acid composition for growing pigs 57 - 61 E. Pieterse, F.K. Siebrits, E.L. Gloy and A.K. Mphuloane
The effects of dietary soyabean oil-cake meal on performance and gut histology of piglets 62 - 66 E. Pieterse, E.L. Gloy and J. Viljoen
Evaluation of cottonseed oil-cake meal as a protein source in calf starter meals (Short communication) 67 - 69 N.M. Bangani, C.J.C. Muller and J.A. Botha
The effects of maternal calving date and calving interval on growth performance of beef calves 70 - 76 R.G. MacGregor and N.H. Casey
Milk production of Tswana goats fed diets containing different levels of energy 77 - 81 T. Adogla-Bessa and A.A. Aganga
The effect of closing date on the performance of beef weavers grazing foggaged Digitaria eriantha and Acroceras macrum 82 - 86 A.P. van Schalkwyk and W.D. Gertenbach
Responses of Tswana goats to various lengths of water deprivation 87 - 91 T. Adogla-Bessa and A.A. Aganga

Issue: 2
2 000, Volume 30, Issue 2
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Genetic relationships between three indigenous cattle breeds in Mozambique 92 - 97 A. Kotze, M. Harun, F. Otto and F.H. Van der Bank
The influence of proportion of Simmentaler breeding in a multibreed synthetic beef cattle population on preweaning growth traits 98 - 109 S.J. Schoeman, G.F. Jordaan and H. Skrypzeck
The effect of choice-feeding from 7 weeks of age on the production characteristics of laying hens 110 - 114 M.D. Olver and D.D. Malan
An evaluation of the use of blood metabolite concentrations as indicators of nutritional status in free-ranging indigenous goats 115 - 120 R. Pambu-Gollah, P.B. Cronje and N.H. Casey
Growth parameters of Holstein-Friesland heifers reared on complete diets containing different roughages 121 - 127 C.J.C. Muller and J.A. Botha
Relationship between performance measurements and sale price of Dorper rams in the Northern Cape Veld-Ram Club 128 - 132 P.J. Fourie, F.W.C. Neser and C. van der Westhuizen
Meat quality attributes of night-cropped Impala (Aepyceros melampus) 133 - 137 L.C. Hoffman
A nonparametric Bayesian approach for genetic evaluation in animal breeding 138 - 148 A.L. Pretorius and A.J. van der Merwe
Factors affecting goat production in a communal farming system in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa 149 - 154 A.M. Mahanjana and P.B. Cronjé
The roles of the insulin-like growth factor system and leptin as possible mediators of the effects of nutritional restriction on 155 - 163 G. Luna-Pinto and P.B. Cronje

Issue: 3
Issue: 4
2 000, Volume 30, Issue 4 SASAS Congress 2000
Title Page Author(s)
Early growth, survival and litter size in Horro sheep of Ethiopia 1 - 3 S. Abegaz, D. Gemeda, J.E.O. Rege, J.B. van Wyk, F.W.C. Neser and G.J. Erasmus
The reproductive performance and carry over effects of South African indigenous goats grazed on Leucaena leucocephala-grass past 4 - 5 A.A. Akingbade, I.V. Nsahlai , C.D. Morris and M.L.K. Bonsi
The production performance of lactating Jersey cows receiving varying levels of lucerne hay and oat silage as roughage sources 6 - 7 N.M. Bangani, J.A. Botha, C.J.C. Muller, and C.W.Cruywagen
Estimates of genetic parameters for traits measured in Phase A, C and D of the South African performance testing scheme 8 - 10 M.J. Bradfield, B.E. Mostert, C.A.J. Exley, F. Jordaan and L. Bergh
Alkaloid content of South African lupins (L luteus, L albus and L angustifolius species) and determination thereof by Near Infra 11 - 13 T.S. Brand and D.A. Brandt
Comparison of estimates of feed energy obtained from ostriches with estimates obtained from pigs, poultry and ruminants 13 - 14 T.S. Brand, J.P. van der Merwe, M. Salih and Z. Brand
The effect of dietary energy and protein level on the production of growing ostriches 15 - 16 T.S. Brand, C.J. Nell and S.J. van Schalkwyk
Production response of lambing ewes receiving supplementary feed while grazing wheat stubble 17 - 18 T.S. Brand, B. Aucamp and A. Durand
Preliminary results of the effect of dietary energy and protein levels on production of female breeding ostriches 19 - 20 Z. Brand, T.S. Brand, C.R. Brown and S.J. van Schalkwyk
Preliminary results of the effect of dietary energy and protein levels on production of male breeding ostriches 21 - 22 Z. Brand, T.S. Brand, C.R. Brown and S.J. van Schalkwyk
A comparison of three methods of Nitrogen analysis for feedstuffs 23 - 23 D.L. Figenschou, J.P. Marais and M. de Figueiredo
Faecal nematode egg counts in Merino sheep following natural challenge 24 - 25 S.W.P. Cloete, F.H. Dreyer and E. du Toit
Metabolisable energy of Canola acid oil and Famarol acid oil for broiler chickens 26 - 27 G.J.M. Coetzee and L.C. Hoffman
The performance of the Nguni, Afrikander and Bonsmara cattle breeds in developing areas of Southern Africa 28 - 29 E. Collins-Lusweti
The effect of dietary protein degradability and rumen inert fat supplementation on calf performance and veal production 30 - 31 C.W. Cruywagen, E. Lategan and L.C. Hoffman
Crossbreeding Holstein-Friesian with Ethiopian Boran cattle in a tropical highland environment: preliminary estimates of additiv 32 - 33 S. Demeke, F.W.C. Neser, S.J. Schoeman, G.J. Erasmus, J.B. van Wyk, and A. Gebrewolde
The effect of milk yield on some reproductive parameters of the Elsenburg Holstein and Jersey herds 34 - 35 C.J.C. Muller, F.J. du Toit, C. Singhapol and J.A. Botha
Genetic trends for growth in the Gudali and Wakwa breeds of Cameroon 36 - 37 A.L. Ebangi, G.J. Erasmus, F.W.C. Neser and C.L. Tawah
Trace mineral status of the African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in the Kruger National Park 38 - 39 M.E.A. Erasmus, E.C. Webb and J.B.J. van Ryssen
Stress: should animals be fed to their potential requirements? 42 - 44 N.S. Ferguson and G.A. Lavers
An evaluation study of the Daisy II -220 technique for determining in vitro digestibility of animal feeds in comparison with the 45 - 46 M. de Figueiredo, A. Mbhele and J. Zondi
A comparative study between the determination of dry matter digestibility in vitro and in vivo 47 - 48 M. de Figueiredo, A. Mbhele, J. Zondi and W. Majola
A modification of the Daisy II - 220 technique for the determination of in vitro dry matter digestibility 49 - 50 M. de Figueiredo, A. Mbhele and J. Zondi
Ruminal degradability and intestinal digestion of eight plant protein supplements used in ruminant diets 51 - 52 N.D. Gerber, I.V. Nsahlai, M.L.K. Bonsi and R.M. Gous
Evaluation of large stock unit equivalents for sheep 53 - 55 M.J. Herselman
The chemical body composition of four commercial broiler strains from South Africa 56 - 57 L.C. Hoffman, P.P. Fisher and G. Ferreira
Veal calf performance in response to concentrate diets of different rumen degradable protein content 58 - 59 L. Holtshausen and C.W. Cruywagen
The effect of bypass protein supplementation on the reproductive performance of Merino sheep grazing mixed karoo veld 60 - 61 J.H. Hoon, M.J. Herselman, M. van Heerden and A.P. Pretorius
The performance of weaned lambs grazing a high dry matter and nonstructural carbohydrate selection of Lolium multiflorum 62 - 62 C. Hopkins, J.P. Marais and D.C.W. Goodenough
The response of broiler chicks to diets supplemented with whole or oligosaccharide-free lupin seed meals 63 - 64 P.A. Iji, R.J. Hughes, M. Choct and D.R. Tivey
The nutritive value of maize foggage for ewes and their lambs in the North Eastern Free State 65 - 67 D.J. Kriek, J.E.J. du Toit and M.D. Fair
Influence of territorial aggressiveness of ostrich males on egg production of companion female ostriches 68 - 69 H. Lambrechts, S.W.P. Cloete, D. Swart and A.P. Pfister
The effect of stocking density and bin feeder space on performance in pigs 70 - 71 G.A. Lavers and N.S. Ferguson
The chemical composition of leaves from indigenous fodder trees in South Africa 72 - 73 M.S. Lukhele and J.B.J. van Ryssen
Nutritive value and dry matter yield of annual ryegrass 121c 74 - 75 J.P. Marais and D.C.W. Goodenough
Milk production potential of South African Boer and Nguni goats 76 - 77 V.M. Mmbengwa, L.M. Schwalbach, J.P.C. Greyling and M.D. Fair
The effect of adding a lactic acid bacterial inoculant to maize at ensiling on milk production and milk composition of Jersey co 78 - 79 R. Meeske, C.W. Cruywagen, G.D. van der Merwe and J.F. Greyling
The effect of adding a lactic acid bacterial inoculant to big round-bale oat silage on intake, milk production and milk composit 80 - 81 R. Meeske, C.W. Cruywagen, G.D. van der Merwe and J.F. Greyling
The influence of geochemistry on health risks to animals and humans in geographically localised livestock production systems 82 - 84 J.A. Meyer, N.H. Casey and J. Myburgh
Quality of kikuyu herbage from pastures on the Eastern Cape coastal belt of South Africa 85 - 86 N. Miles, L. Thurtell and S. Riekert
Chemical composition and physical characteristics of cowpea haulms as forage for ruminants 87 - 88 H.K. Mokoboki, K.K. Ayisi and L.R. Ndlovu
Inbreeding of the Bonsmara cattle breed 89 - 90 B. E. Mostert and C.A.J. Exley
The chemical composition of silages produced in a Mediterranean climate 91 - 92 C.J.C. Muller, J.A. Botha, A.M. Engelbercht
Utilisation of semi-arid scrubland by goats in the dry season 93 - 94 L R Ndlovu, L. Simela and B. Nyamambi
The effect of different diets on growth rate and meat quality of the indigenous chickens 95 - 96 Z. Nemavhola and L.R. Ndlovu
Estimation of body weight in Nguni-type cattle under communal management conditions 97 - 98 A.E. Nesamvuni, J. Mulaudzi, N.D. Ramanyimi and G.J. Taylor
Genetic parameter estimates for pre-weaning growth traits in Dorper sheep 99 - 101 F.W.C. Neser, G.J. Erasmus and J.B. van Wyk
Genetic parameter estimates for the South African Mutton Merino breed 102 - 104 F.W.C. Neser, G.J. Erasmus and J.B. van Wyk
Enzootic geophagia of calves and lambs in Northern Cape and Northwest and the possible role of chronic manganese poisoning 105 - 106 J.A. Neser, M.A. de Vries, M. de Vries, A.J. van der Merwe, A.H. Loock, H.J.C. Smith, F.H. van der Vyver and J.H. Elsenbroek
The potential of legume pods as supplements to low quality roughages 107 - 108 A.T. Ngwa, I.V. Nsahlai and M.L.K. Bonsi
Classification of low resource livestock producers in the North West Province 109 - 110 I.V. Nsahlai and A.T. Sedumedi
Reproductive indices of Merino rams fed sun-cured Leucaena leucocephala forage 111 - 112 I.V. Nsahlai, B.K. Byebwa and M.L.K Bonsi
Evaluation of genetic fine and fine x strong wool Merinos on irrigated pastures 113 - 114 J.J. Olivier, A.G. Bezuidenhout, A.C. Greyling and S.W.P. Cloete
The effect of slaughter weight on pig production efficiency 115 - 117 E. Pieterse, L.P. Loots and J. Viljoen
Heritabilities of pre-weaning traits in a multibreed beef cattle herd fitting models with or without a sire genotype x dam genot 118 - 119 S.J. Schoeman, G.F. Jordaan and G.J. Erasmus
Postpartum reproductive tract score in beef cows - a proposed method 120 - 121 L.M.J. Schwalbach, J.P.C. Greyling and G.J. Taylor
Effect of diet energy levels on efficiency of SA Mutton Merino lambs and Boer goat kids under feedlot conditions 122 - 123 R. Sheridan, A.V. Ferreira, L.C. Hoffman and S.J. Schoeman
The influence of proportion of Hereford breeding in a multibreed synthetic beef cattle population on birth weight and weaning we 124 - 126 H. Skrypzeck, S.J. Schoeman and G.F. Jordaan
Predicting the body weight of Nguni goats 127 - 128 S.C. Slippers, B.A. Letty and J.F. de Villiers
A comparison of leather properties of skins from ten different South African sheep breeds 129 - 130 M.A. Snyman and C.A. Jackson-Moss
Effect of ionophores and selenium supplementation on the composition of long-chain fatty acid in carcass fat of steers 131 - 133 K. Steenkamp, E.C. Webb and J.B.J. van Ryssen
Zulu Goats in KwaZulu-Natal 134 - 135 I.B. Stewart
Biological performance and gastrointestinal development of broiler chicks fed diets varying in energy:protein ratios 136 - 137 H.K. Swatson, R.M. Gous and P.A. Iji
The effect of varying RDP: UDP ratios on intake and milk production efficiency in Saanen ewes fed a complete diet 138 - 139 J.D. Thornton, A.V. Ferreira and L. van Zyl
Heritabilities of reproductive traits in a beef cattle herd using multitrait analysis 140 - 141 R.R. van der Westhuizen, S.J.Schoeman, G.F. Jordaan and J.B. van Wyk
The copper, manganese and zinc content of livers of Impala in the Hoedspruit area 142 - 142 W.A. van Niekerk
The selenium status of grazing herbivores in different regions of southern Africa 145 - 146 J.B.J. van Ryssen
The effect of pre-slaughter stress resulting from feed withdrawal on meat quality characteristics in ostriches 147 - 148 S.J. van Schalkwyk, S.W.P. Cloete, L.C. Hoffman, Z. Brand, A.P. Pfister and K. Punt
Possible use of BHT to estimate carcass fat content in small ruminants 149 - 150 E.C. Webb, K. Steenkamp and E.B. Spreeth
Performance of autumn lambing ewes and lambs on irrigated and dryland winter pastures 151 - 152 A.D. Lyle, J.F. de Villiers and T.J. Dugmore