SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 003, Volume 33, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
Genetic markers and their application in livestock breeding in South Africa: a review 1 - 10 E van Marle-Köster and LH Nel
Evaluation of the growth parameters of six commercial crossbred pig genotypes 1. Under commercial housing conditions in indivi 11 - 20 N. S. Ferguson and S.T. Kyriazis
Evaluation of the growth parameters of six commercial crossbred pig genotypes 2. Under ideal temperature conditions in chambers 21 - 26 N. S. Ferguson and S.T. Kyriazis
Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) intake determined by alkanes administered in a xantham gum suspension 27 - 31 J. Mann and P.G. Stewart
The persistence to slaughter age of scars resulting from damage inflicted to ostrich skin during the grow-out phase 32 - 37 A. Meyer, S.W.P. Cloete, C.R. Brown and S.J. van Schalkwyk
The effects of storage temperature and position on embryonic mortality of ostrich (Struthio camelus) eggs 38 - 42 U. Sahan, A. Ipek and B. Yilmaz
Age trends in economically important traits of Merino ewes subjected to 10 years of divergent selection for multiple rearing abi 43 - 51 S.W.P. Cloete, A.R. Gilmour, J.J. Olivier and J.B. van Wyk
Sensory and objective mutton quality characteristics of SA Merino sheep selected for and against reproductive fitness 52 - 64 L.C. Hoffman, D. Schmidt, M.M. Muller, J.J.E. Cloete and S.W.P. Cloete
The chemical composition, energy and amino acid digestibilities of cowpeas for use in poultry nutrition 65 - 69 N.J. Tshovhote, A.E. Nesamvuni, T. Raphulu and R.M. Gous

Issue: 2
2 003, Volume 33, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
Derivation of standard lactation curves for South African dairy cows 70 - 77 B.E. Mostert, H.E. Theron and F.H.J. Kanfer
Protein requirements of growing indigenous chickens during the 14-21 weeks growing period 78 - 82 A.M. Kingori, J.K.Tuitoek, H.K. Muiruri and A.M. Wachira
The efficacy of a 10% aqueous Neem (Azadirachta indica) seed extract for tick control in small East African and Toggenburg femal 83 - 88 L.M.J Schwalbach, J.P.C Greyling and M. David
The effect of an essential oil combination derived from selected herbs growing wild in Turkey on broiler performance 89 - 94 A. Alcicek, M. Bozkurt and M. Cabuk
The influence of separate-sex rearing on ostrich behaviour and skin damage 95 - 104 A. Meyer, S.W.P. Cloete and C.R. Brown
Oviposition and egg quality traits of dwarf and naked neck layers 105 - 110 A. Garcês and N.H. Casey
The response to selection during first lactation on the phenotypic and genetic trends in the Elsenburg Holstein-Friesland herd 111 - 116 C.J.C. Muller and J.A. Botha
Variation in the chemical composition, physical characteristics and energy values of cereal grains produced in the Western Cape 117 - 126 T.S. Brand, C.W. Cruywagen, D.A. Brandt, M. Viljoen and W.W. Burger
Transcervical embryo recovery in Saanen goats 127 - 131 J.B. Lima-Verde, E.S. Lopes Junior, D.I.A. Teixeira, N.R.O. Paula, A.A. Medeiros, D. Rondina and V.J.F. Freitas
The chemical composition and potential nutritive value of the foliage of four subtropical tree species in southern Africa for ru 132 - 141 M.S. Lukhele and J.B.J. van Ryssen

Issue: 4