SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 004, Volume 34, Issue 1
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Effect of chronological age of beef steers of different maturity types on their growth and carcass characteristics when finished 1 - 12 I. du Plessis and L.C. Hoffman
Effect of phytase supplementation of diets with different levels of phosphorus on performance and egg quality of laying hens in 13 - 17 M. Cabuk, M. Bozkurt, F. Kirkpinar and H. Ozkul
Comparison of fluorgestone and medroxyprogesterone intravaginal sponges for oestrus synchronization in Saanen does during the tr 18 - 22 I. Dogan, Z. Nur, U. Gunay, M.K. Soylu and C. Sonmez
Effect of protein supplementation and urea treatment on utilization of maize stover by Red Maasai sheep 23 - 30 T.A. Woyengo, C.K. Gachuiri, R.G. Wahome and P.N. Mbugua
The effect of dietary inclusion of meat and bone meal on the performance of laying hens at old age 31 - 36 M. Bozkurt, A. Alcicek and M. Cabuk
Estimates of genetic and environmental (co)variances for live weight and fleece traits in yearling South African Mutton Merino s 37 - 43 S.W.P. Cloete, J.B. van Wyk and F.W.C. Neser
A comparison between the body composition, carcass characteristics and retail cuts of South African Mutton Merino and Dormer she 44 - 51 J.J.E. Cloete, L.C. Hoffman, S.W.P. Cloete and J.E. Fourie
The effect of a mixture of herbal essential oils or α-tocopheryl acetate on performance parameters and oxidation of body 52 - 61 N.A. Botsoglou, E. Christaki, P. Florou-Paneri, I. Giannenas, G. Papageorgiou and A.B. Spais
Effect of age and season on sperm morphology of Friesland bulls at an artificial insemination centre in South Africa 62 - 69 D.M. Vilakazi and E.C. Webb

Issue: 2
2 004, Volume 34, Issue 2
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Determining storage related egg quality changes via digital image analysis 70 - 74 S. Aktan
Dried rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) dreg: an alternative litter material in broiler production 75 - 79 S. Aktan and O. Sagdic
Effect of age on leather and skin traits of slaughter ostriches 80 - 86 S.W.P. Cloete, S.J. van Schalkwyk, L.C. Hoffman and A. Meyer
The influence of stocking rate and male:female ratio on the production of breeding ostriches (Struthio camelus spp.) under comme 87 - 96 H. Lambrechts, D. Swart, S.W.P. Cloete, J.P.C. Greyling and S.J. van Schalkwyk
Effect of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on the performance and serum variables of broiler chickens intoxicated with aflatoxin B 97 - 103 M. Denli, F. Okan and F. Doran
Genetic parameters for quail body weights using a random regression model 104 - 109 Y. Akbas, C. Takma and E. Yaylak
Use of wood ash in the treatment of high tannin sorghum for poultry feeding 110 - 115 C.C. Kyarisiima, M.W. Okot and B. Svihus
Chemical composition, true metabolisable energy content and amino acid availability of grain legumes for poultry 116 - 122 T.S. Brand, D.A. Brandt and C.W. Cruywagen
The effect of additives on quality and nutrient degradability and digestibility of round bale silage 123 - 129 W. Nowak, A. Potkanski and S. Wylegala
The effect of live weight, male to female ratio and breeder age on reproduction performance in Japanese quails (Coturnix coturni 130 - 134 A. Ipek, U. Sahan and B. Yilmaz

Issue: 4
2 004, Volume 34, Issue 4
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Effects of different hatcher temperatures on hatching traits of broiler embryos during the last five days of incubation 211 - 216 I. Yildirim and R. Yetisir
The effect of a mixture of herbal essential oils, an organic acid or a probiotic on broiler performance 217 - 222 A. Alcicek, M. Bozkurt and M. Cabuk
Growth, feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of Karakas and crossbred lambs (F1) (Ile de France x Akkaraman (G1) x Ka 223 - 132 O. Gokdal, H. Ulker, F. Karakus, F. Cengiz, C. Temur and H. Handil
Comparison between in situ dry matter degradation and in vitro gas production of tannin-containing leaves from four tree species 233 - 240 A. Kamalak, O. Canbolat and Y. Gurbuz
A random regression model in analysis of litter size in pigs 241 - 248 Z. Lukovic, S. Malovrh, G. Gorjanc and M. Kovac¨
Comparison of the thermostability and efficacy of a solid-substrate culture and a liquid culture phytase in broiler chickens 249 - 256 J.P. Driver, J.L. Pierce, J.H. Harter-Dennis, J. Timmons and N.H. Casey
Genetic variance components for residual feed intake and feed conversion ratio and their correlations with other production trai 257 - 264 R.R. van der Westhuizen, J. van der Westhuizen and S.J. Schoeman
A genetic analysis of epistaxis as associated with EIPH in the Southern African Thoroughbred 265 - 273 H. Weideman, S.J. Schoeman and G.F. Jordaan
The effects of storage condition and preservatives on maize-based diets for broiler chickens 274 - 281 P.B. Njobeh, P.A. Iji, I.V. Nsahlai and S.C. Slippers

Issue: 5
2 004, Volume 34, Issue 5 Conference on Goats
Title Page Author(s)
Preliminary assessment of Boer and Kiko does as maternal lines for kid performance under humid, subtropical conditions 1 - 3 R. Browning Jr., S.H. Kebe and M. Byars
A comparison of the OFDA2000 with conventional mid-side testing of mohair 4 - 6 M.B. Ferguson and G. Kearney
An evaluation of Angora sires through progeny testing - A progress report 7 - 9 M.B. Ferguson and B.A. McGregor
A genetic profile of the Kalahari Red goat breed from southern Africa 10 - 12 A. Kotze, H. Swart, J.P. Grobler and A. Nemaangani
Genetic assay of Caprine arthritis encephalitis in the Hungarian goat herd 13 - 16 Sz. Kusza, Zs. Bősze, S. Kukovics and A. Jávor
Genetic characterisation of the Blanca Andaluza goat based on microsatellite markers 17 - 19 A.M. Martí­nez, M.P. Carrera, J.M. Acosta, P.P. Rodrí­guez-Gallardo, A. Cabello, E. Camacho and J.V. Delgado
Polymorphism of the αas1-casein, κ-casein and ß-lactoglobulin genes in the Hungarian Milk Goat 20 - 23 Gy. Veress, Sz. Kusza, Zs. Bősze, S. Kukovics and A. Jávor
Genetic variation of three commercial and three indigenous goat populations in South Africa 24 - 27 C. Visser, C.A. Hefer, E. van Marle-Köster and A. Kotze
Comparison of different models to estimate purine bases absorbed in goats 28 - 30 H. Andrade-Montemayor, F. Hernandez, J. Madrid and M.D. Megi­as
A comparison of plant form and browsing height selection of four small stock breeds - Preliminary results 31 - 34 I. du Plessis, C. van der Waal and E.C. Webb
The effect of type and level of carbohydrate supplementation on intake and digestibility of Atriplex nummularia cv. De Kock 35 - 37 C.J.L. du Toit, W.A. van Niekerk, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Level of feed intake on performance of two goat genotypes 38 - 41 J.M. Dzakuma, E. Risch, C.O. Smith and H.D. Blackburn
Effect of level of rumen protected CLA supplementation on milk yield and composition in Saanen goats 42 - 45 L.J. Erasmus, Z. Bester, T. Fourie, R.J. Coertze and L. Hall
Essential amino acid requirements of meat and milk goats 46 - 48 A.V. Ferreira
Feed intake and growth of Saanen kids weaned at 42 and 70 days of age 49 - 51 A.V. Ferreira and J.D. Thornton
The effect of dietary protein degradability on production characteristics of lactating Saanen does 52 - 54 A.V. Ferreira and J.D. Thornton
Intake, digestibility and ruminal fermentation of ground and whole maize bran fed to American Alpine goats 55 - 58 C. Franz, F. Garza-Cazares, G. Herna¡ndez-Vidal, E. Olivares-Saenz, H. Fimbres-Durazo, C.D. Lu and J.R. Kawas
Effect of live yeast culture supplementation on rumen fermentation in lactating dairy goats 59 - 61 S. Giger-Reverdin, D. Sauvant, J. Tessier, G. Bertin and P. Morand-Fehr
Certain qualitative characteristics of Boscia foetida at different sites in South Africa 62 - 64 C.J. Havenga, W.A. van Niekerk, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Qualitative evaluation of Cenchrus ciliaris cv. Molopo and Gayndah as foggage 65 - 67 S.S. Jacobs, W.A. van Niekerk and R.J. Coertze
Seasonal variations in chemical composition and dry matter degradability of the forage consumed by goats in a highly deteriorate 68 - 71 A.S. Juarez, R. Montoya, G. Nevarez and M.A. Cerrillo
Nutritive value of goat diets in Okondjatu communal area of east-central Namibia 72 - 75 G.T. Kamupingene and A.L. Abate
Faecal NIRS to monitor the diet of Mediterranean goats 76 - 80 S. Landau, T. Glasser, L. Dvash and A. Perevolotsky
Influence of various levels of metabolisable energy on chemical composition of whole carcass and non-carcass portion of goats an 81 - 84 O. Mahgoub and C.D. Lu
Effect of grinding of maize and level of starch on digestibility and lactation performance of Saanen goats 85 - 88 L. Rapetti and L. Bava
Ecological benefit of strip grazing with a solar mobile fence grazing system 89 - 91 D.C. Puga and M.A. Galina
Preference of grazing goats for cool-season annual clovers 92 - 94 T.H. Terrill, W.F. Whitehead, G. Durham, C.S. Hoveland, B.P. Singh and S. Gelaye
The determination of digestibility of Atriplex nummularia cv. De Kock (Oldman's Saltbush) using different in vitro techniques 95 - 97 A. van der Baan, W.A. van Niekerk, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
The determination of digestibility of Atriplex nummularia cv. De Kock (Oldman's Saltbush) using different in vitro techniques 95 - 97 A. van der Baan, W.A. van Niekerk, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Comparison of chemical composition of Atriplex spp. grown under South African conditions with regard to site, species and plant 98 - 100 W.A. van Niekerk, P.J. Vermaak, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Interspecies and location variation in oxalic acid concentrations in certain Atriplex species and Cassia sturtii 101 - 104 W.A. van Niekerk, C.F. Sparks, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Mineral composition of certain Atriplex species and Cassia sturtii 105 - 107 W.A. van Niekerk, C.F. Sparks, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Qualitative characteristics of some Atriplex species and Cassia sturtii at two sites in South Africa 108 - 110 W.A. van Niekerk, C.F. Sparks, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Ash from fireplaces at homesteads in rural regions of South Africa as potential source of minerals to goats 111 - 113 J.B.J. van Ryssen and H. Ndlovu
A comparison of Cassia sturtii, Tripteris sinuatum and Sutherlandia microphylla: three fodder shrubs applicable to revegetation 114 - 116 T.E. Wilcock, W.A. van Niekerk, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Mineral profile of diets consumed by range Spanish goats in a shrubland of North Mexico 117 - 119 M.A. Cerrillo-Soto, G. Nevarez-Carrasco, R.G. Rami­rez-Lozano, A. Nunez-Gonzllez, G. Garci­a-Di­az and A.S. Juarez-Reyes
Foraging strategies of sheep and goats under semi-intensive management in Botswana 120 - 122 U.J. Omphile, A.A. Aganga, K. Tshireletso and R. Nkele
Goat production in the smallholder section in the Boane district in Southern Mozambique 123 - 125 W.A. van Niekerk and P.L. Pimentel
Factors affecting the profitability of different goat farm sizes in Hungary 126 - 129 T. Németh, L. Branduse, M. Abraham and S. Kukovics
Factors influencing weaning percentages of indigenous goats on communal grazing 130 - 133 P.J. Sebei, C.M.E. McCrindle and E.C. Webb
Fleece and skin traits of goats of different genetic types reared in southern Italy 134 - 136 A. Di Trana, P. Celi, L. Sepe, S. Desantis and R. Rubino
Quality attributes of commercial cashmere 137 - 140 B.A. McGregor
The influence of age and reproductive status on quality and quantity of cashmere produced by Boer goats under South African cond 141 - 142 W.A. van Niekerk, S. Keva, M. Roets and R.J. Coertze
The accuracy of Video Image Analysis (VIA) and Optical Fibre Diameter Analysis (OFDA) to measure fibre diameter of cashmere 143 - 144 W.A. van Niekerk, S. Keva, M. Roets and R.J. Coertze
Variation in terpene content and profile in milk in relation to the dominant plants in the diet of grazing goats 145 - 147 V. Fedele, S. Claps, R. Rubino, L. Sepe and G.F. Cifuni
Seasonal variation in retinol concentration of goat milk associated with grazing compared to indoor feeding 148 - 150 V. Fedele, R. Rubino, S. Claps, P. Manzi, S. Marconi and L. Pizzoferrato
Goat milk production and processing in the NIAYES in Senegal 151 - 154 A. Missohou, L. Diouf, R.S. Sow and C.B.A. Wollny
Quantitative and qualitative milk characteristics of Nebrodi goats 155 - 157 A. Zumbo, B. Chiofalo, L. Liotta, A. Rundo Sotera and V. Chiofalo
Effect of crossbreeding between two Egyptian goat breeds on physicochemical, technological and nutritional characteristics of go 158 - 161 S.A. Salem, E.I. El-Agamy and A.M. Yousseff
Factors influencing milk quantity and quality in Assaf sheep and goat crossbreds 162 - 164 G. Leitner, U. Merin, A. Glickman, L. Weisblit, O. Krifucks, A. Shwimmer and A. Saran
Influence of betaine on goat milk production and composition 165 - 168 C. Fernandez, J. Fontecha, M.A. Latorre, C. Garcés, M. Soler and J.M. de la Fuente
Prediction of weekly goat milk yield using autoregressive models 169 - 172 C. Fernandez, J. Gomez, P. Sanchez-Seiquer, L. Gomez-Chova, E. Soria-Olivas, L. Mocé and C Garcés
Goat milk and heat treatments 173 - 175 K. Raynal-Ljutovac, T. Massouras and M. Barbosa
Characterization of Maltese goat milk cheese flavour using SPME-GC/MS 176 - 180 B. Chiofalo, A. Zumbo, R. Costa, L. Liotta, L. Mondello, P. Dugo and V. Chiofalo
Effect of six months prolonged frozen-storage on changes in organic acid composition of plain soft goat milk cheese 181 - 183 Y.W. Park, J.H. Lee and K.L. Arora
Application of the lactoperoxidase system to improve the quality of goat milk cheese 184 - 187 E. Seifu, E.F. Donkin and E.M. Buys
Changes in milk composition as affected by subclinical mastitis in sheep and goats 188 - 191 U. Merin, N. Silanikove, F. Shapiro, S. Bernstein and G. Leitner
Interrelationships between the activities of the plasmin system in goats and sheep experiencing subclinical mastitis, casein deg 192 - 194 N. Silanikove, F. Shapiro, G. Leitner and U. Merin
Effects of intravenous infusion of trans-10, cis-12 or cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on milk fat synthesis and 195 - 197 Ph. Schmidely and P. Morand-Fehr
Physiological responses to preslaughter transportation stress in Tasco-supplemented Boer goats 198 - 200 S. Galipalli, K.M. Gadiyaram, B. Kouakou, T.H. Terrill and G. Kannan
Oxidative stability of chevon as influenced by dietary Tasco supplementation in Boer goat bucks 201 - 203 S. Galipalli, K.M. Gadiyaram, B. Kouakou, T.D. Pringle and G. Kannan
Post-mortem metabolic status, pH and temperature of chevon from indigenous South African goats slaughtered under commercial cond 204 - 207 L. Simela, E.C. Webb and L. Frylinck
Effect of sex, age, and pre-slaughter conditioning on pH, temperature, tenderness and colour of indigenous South African goats 208 - 211 L. Simela, E.C. Webb and L. Frylinck
Comparison of textural properties of low-fat chevon, beef, pork, and mixed-meat sausages 212 - 214 K.M. Gadiyaram and G. Kannan
The use and macro-mineral content of saline water for goat production 215 - 218 B.A. McGregor
Exposure assessment of potentially toxic trace elements in indigenous goats in the rural communal production systems of the nort 219 - 222 J.A. Meyer and N.H. Casey
Protein supplementation, body condition and ovarian activity in goats -Pre-ovulatory serum profile of insulin 223 - 226 C.A. Meza-Herrera, J.M. Sanchez S., J.G. Cha¡vez-Perches, H. Salinas and M. Mellado
Preliminary results on the role of the vomeronasal organ in modulating the response to the buck effect in does 227 - 229 H.J. Jansen van Vuuren, K.K. Booth and E.C. Webb
Production of semen for artificial insemination from Alpine and Saanen bucks under different photoperiodic cycles 230 - 232 B. Leboeuf, V. Furstoss, P. Guillouet and P. Boué
Goat semen preserved at 4 °C until 76 hours before artificial insemination: Different attempts to maintain the fertility 233 - 235 B. Leboeuf, P. Guillouet, J.L. Bonné, Y. Forgerit and M. Magistrini
Production and reproduction characteristics of South African indigenous goats in communal farming systems 236 - 239 E.C. Webb and M.J. Mamabolo
Seasonal variation in semen quality of Gorno Altai cashmere goats and South African indigenous goats 240 - 243 E.C. Webb, M.H. Dombo and M. Roets
The acaricidal effect of the essential oil of Ageratum houstonianum Mill. flowers on ticks (Rhipicephalus lunulatus) in Cameroon 244 - 247 T.E. Pamo, F. Tendonkeng, J.R. Kana, G. Tenekeu, L.A. Tapondjou and V. Khan Payne
Effects of feeding sericea lespedeza hay to goats infected with Haemonchus contortus 248 - 250 S.A. Shaik, T.H. Terrill, J.E. Miller, B. Kouakou, G. Kannan, R.K. Kallu and J.A. Mosjidis
The effects of five anthelmintic treatment regimens on milk production in goats naturally infected by gastrointestinal nematodes 251 - V. Veneziano, R. Rubino, V. Fedele, L. Rinaldi, M. Santaniello, M. Schioppi, C. Cascone, M. Pizzillo and G. Cringoli
Diseases and mortality of adult goats in a South African milk goat herd 254 - 257 E.F. Donkin and P.A. Boyazoglu
Diseases and mortality of goat kids in a South African milk goat herd 258 - 261 E.F. Donkin and P.A. Boyazoglu
Antibiotic residue withdrawal periods in milk of Saanen dairy goats and udder tissue irritation: Preliminary results 262 - 265 J. Karzis, E.F. Donkin and I.M. Petzer

Issue: 6
2 004, Volume 34, Issue 6 SASAS Congress 2004
Title Page Author(s)
Progress in understanding the paleness of meat with a low pH 1 - 7 H.J. Swatland
The paradigm of efficiency and sustainability - a dairying perspective 8 - 16 J.R. Roche and D.C. Edmeades
Co-variances for reproduction, egg weight and chick weight in ostriches 17 - 19 S.W.P. Cloete, K.L. Bunter, Z. Brand and H. Lambrechts
Differentiation between females of ostrich breeding trios based on egg weights 20 - 22 F. Essa and S.W.P. Cloete
Nutritive value of red vine husks and pips for sheep 23 - 25 A.V. Ferreira
Post-mortem changes in the physical meat quality characteristics of refrigerated impala M. longissimus dorsi 26 - 28 L.C. Hoffman
Is genetic selection for skin nodule traits of ostriches feasible? 29 - 31 A. Meyer, S.W.P. Cloete, J.B. van Wyk and S.J. van Schalkwyk
Breeding value estimation for somatic cell score in South African dairy cattle 32 - 34 B.E. Mostert, C. Banga, E. Groeneveld and F.H.J. Kanfer
Testday models for production traits in dairy cattle 35 - 37 B.E. Mostert, E. Groeneveld and F.H.J. Kanfer
Heritability estimates and correlations between subjectively assessed and objectively measured fleece traits in Merino sheep 38 - 40 P. Naidoo, S.W.P. Cloete and J.J. Olivier
Bone marrow and kidney fat indices in male and female (gravid and non-gravid) springbok in the Northern Cape 41 - 43 I.B. Oosthuizen
Genetic parameters for growth traits in South African Brahman cattle 44 - 46 B.A. Pico, F.W.C. Neser and J.B. van Wyk
Genetic analyses for conformation traits in South African Jersey and Holstein cattle 47 - 49 H.E. Theron and B.E. Mostert
Genetic relationship between feed efficiency and profitability traits in beef cattle 50 - 52 R.R. van der Westhuizen, J. van der Westhuizen and S.J. Schoeman
The influence of dietary energy concentrations on scrotal, testicular and semen characteristics of young Dorper rams 53 - 55 N. Bester, L.M.J. Schwalbach, H.J. van der Merwe, J.P.C. Greyling and M.D. Fair
Evidence of scrotal fat mobilisation during periods of restricted energy intake in young Dorper rams 56 - 58 L.M.J. Schwalbach, N. Bester, H.J. van der Merwe, J.P.C. Greyling and M.D. Fair
Variance component estimation for reproductive merit of beef cattle using linear and non-linear models 59 - 61 T. Rust, J. van der Westhuizen, S.J. Schoeman and J.B. van Wyk
The effect of egg weight on the hatchability and growth performance of New Hampshire and Rhode Island Red chicks 62 - 64 F. de Witt and L.M.J. Schwalbach
Genetic diversity of indigenous goats in Namibia using microsatellite markers: preliminary results 65 - 67 J.F. Els, A. Kotze and H. Swart
The effect of supplemental biotin in dairy cow diets on fibre fermentation patterns as measured by in vitro gas production 68 - 70 C.W. Cruywagen and G.A. Bunge
Effect of an exogenous fibrolytic enzyme on growth rate, feed intake and feed conversion ratio in growing lambs 71 - 73 C.W. Cruywagen and L. Goosen
Effect of different cryodiluents and thawing methods on the post-thaw motility of African Lion (Panthera leo) spermatozoa 74 - 76 H. Stander-Breedt, L.M.J. Schwalbach, J.P.C. Greyling and N.M Loskutoff
Energy and nitrogen retention of Merino and Dohne Merino lambs receiving a feedlot diet 77 - 79 J. van E. Nolte and A.V. Ferreira
Body-, protein- and essential amino acid composition of male Merino and Dohne Merino lambs 80 - 82 J. van E. Nolte and A.V. Ferreira
The whole empty body essential amino acid profiles of male Merino and Dohne Merino lambs 83 - 85 J. van E. Nolte and A.V. Ferreira
The microbial protein and undegradable essential amino acid requirements for the growth of male Merino and Dohne Merino lambs 86 - 88 J. van E. Nolte and A.V. Ferreira
The effect of a liquid rumen protected lysine on the productivity of Holstein cows 89 - 91 L.J. Erasmus, R. Venter and R.J Coertze
Genetic parameter estimates in South Africa Holstein cattle 92 - 94 K.N. Tesfa, J.B. van Wyk and F.W.C. Neser
Genetic and phenotypic parameter estimates of gestation length and birth weight in Bonsmara cattle 95 - 97 A.C. van Graan, F.W.C. Neser, J. van der Westhuizen and H.E. Theron
Sensitivity of above- and belowground productivity to fire in semi-arid grassland 98 - 100 H.A. Snyman
Effect of water stress on root growth of Opuntia ficus-indica and O. robusta 101 - 103 H.A. Snyman
The effect of dietary energy and protein (amino acid) concentration on the performance of slaughter ostriches 104 - 106 T.S. Brand, R.M. Gous, A.C.M. Kruger, B.B. Aucamp, C.J. Nel and J.O. Horbanczuk
The effect of dietary energy and protein (amino acid) concentrations on the end products of slaughter ostriches 107 - 109 T.S. Brand, R.M. Gous, J.O. Horbanczuk, A.C.M. Kruger, B.B. Aucamp and Z. Brand
Effect of genotype and supplementary feeding on growth performance of sheep in the highlands of Ethiopia 110 - 112 S. Demeke, C. van der Westhuizen, P.J. Fourie, F.W.C. Neser and S. Lemma
Co-variance components for growth traits in the Nguni cattle breed 113 - 115 M. van Niekerk, F.W.C. Neser and J.B. van Wyk
Genotype x ecological region interaction in the Nguni cattle breed 116 - 118 M. van Niekerk, F.W.C. Neser and J.B. van Wyk
The effects of restricted suckling and early weaning on cow reproduction and weaner production performance in Gudali cattle 119 - 121 O. Messine, L.M.J. Schwalbach and J.P.C. Greyling
Germination analysis of a seed bank along a degradation gradient in a semi-arid grassland 122 - 124 G.J. van Rensburg, H.A. Snyman and K. Kellner
Phenotypic characterization of indigenous chickens in Lesotho in the pre-laying phase 125 - 127 A.M. Nthimo, F.W.C. Neser, J.E.J. du Toit, M.D. Fair and W. Odenya
The effects of different dietary energy and protein concentrations on the digestive anatomy of ostriches 128 - 130 M. Viljoen, T.S. Brand and J.G. van der Walt