SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 005, Volume 35, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
Simulated natural lighting and constant 14-hour photoperiods for broiler breeders during the rearing period, and interactions of 1 - 12 P.D. Lewis, M. Ciacciariello, M. Nonis and R.M. Gous
Proximate chemical composition and fatty acid profiles of Longissimus thoracis from pasture fed LHRH immunocastrated, castrated 13 - 18 M.R. Ruiz, M. Matsushita, J.V. Visentainer, J.A. Hernandez, E.L. de A. Ribeiro, M. Shimokomaki, J.J. Reeves and N.E. de Souza
Seasonal body condition indices of mountain reedbuck (Redunca fulvorufula) in two areas of South African Highveld: the grassland 19 - 29 W.A. Taylor, J.D. Skinner and R.C. Krecek
Model comparisons and genetic and environmental parameter estimates of growth and the Kleiber ratio in Horro sheep 30 - 40 S. Abegaz, J.B. van Wyk and J.J. Olivier
Effects of genetic variants in milk protein on yield and composition of milk from Holstein-Friesian and Simmentaler cows 41 - 47 A.D. Cardak
Evaluation of subjectively assessed nodule traits of ostrich skins as influenced by slaughter age 48 - 54 S.J. van Schalkwyk, S.W.P. Cloete, L.C. Hoffman and A. Meyer
The nutritive value of forage sorghum genotypes developed for the dry tropical highlands of Kenya as feed source for ruminants 55 - 60 J.O. Ouda, G.K. Njehia, A.R. Moss, H.M. Omed and I.V. Nsahlai
Use of an antibiotic growth promoter and two herbal natural feed additives with and without exogenous enzymes in wheat based bro 61 - 72 S. Sarica, A. Ciftci, E. Demir, K. Kilinc and Y. Yildirim

Issue: 3
2 005, Volume 35, Issue 3
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The effect of feeding rosemary, oregano, saffron and α-tocopheryl acetate on hen performance and oxidative stability of 143 - 151 N. Botsoglou, P. Florou-Paneri, E. Botsoglou, V. Dotas, I. Giannenas, A. Koidis and P. Mitrakos
Microsatellite markers reveal low genetic differentiation among southern African Camelus dromedarius populations 152 - 161 M. Nolte, A. Kotzé, F.H. van der Bank and J.P. Grobler
The effect of rumen degradable protein level and source on the duodenal essential amino acid profile of sheep 162 - 171 J. vanE. Nolte and A.V. Ferreira
The effects of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and canola oil on the fatty acid composition and quality of eggs from laying hens 172 - 179 R. Aydin
Supplementary radio noise advances sexual maturity in domestic pullets exposed to 7-h photoperiods 180 - 185 P.D. Lewis, B.A. Middleton and R.M. Gous
Effect of heat treatment on in situ rumen degradability and in vitro gas production of full-fat soyabeans and soyabean meal 186 - 194 O. Canbolat, A. Kamalak, E. Efe, M. Sahin and C.O. Ozkan
Predicting yields of high priced trimmed beef cuts by means of carcass weight and visual assessments of fat cover and conformati 195 - 205 P.E. Strydom and M.F. Smith
Effect of cultivar and formaldehyde treatment of barley grain on rumen fermentation characteristics using in vitro gas productio 206 - 212 M. Colkesen, A. Kamalak, O. Canbolat, Y. Gurbuz and C.O. Ozkan
Effect of two commercial preparations of condensed tannins on the survival of gastrointestinal nematodes of mice and goats in vi 213 - 220 R.A. Max, D. Wakelin, J. Craigon, A.A. Kassuku, A.E. Kimambo, L.A. Mtenga and P.J. Buttery

Issue: 4
2 005, Volume 35, Issue 4
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Nutritive value of Acacia tree foliages growing in the Limpopo Province of 221 - 228 H.K. Mokoboki, L.R. Ndlovu, J.W. N'gambi, M.M. Malatje and R.V. Nikolova
The effect of polyethylene glycol (PEG 8000) supplementation on in vitro gas production kinetics of leaves from tannin containin 229 - 237 A. Kamalak, O. Canbolat, M. Sahin, Y. Gurbuz, E. Ozkose and C.O. Ozkan
Application of different models to the lactation curves of unimproved Awassi ewes in Turkey 238 - 243 B. Dag, I. Keskin and F. Mikailsoy
Weaning strategies to improve the performance of sows and their progeny under smallholder farming conditions 244 - 248 D.R. Kugonza and D. Mutetikka
Angoradb: A database for QTL research in Angora goats 249 - 252 C.A. Hefer, F. Joubert and E. van Marle-Köster
The effect of conjugated linoleic acid on the fatty acid composition of different tissues and yolk lipids in pigeons 253 - 260 R. Aydin
The effect of coriander seed (Coriandrum sativum L.) as diet ingredient on the performance of Japanese quail 261 - 267 T. Guler, O.N. Ertas, M. Ciftci and B. Dalkihe
Effect of age and blood collection site on the metabolic profile of ostriches 268 - 272 G. Moniello, F. Bovera, I.L. Solinas, G. Piccolo, W. Pinna and A. Nizza
The effect of nutritional stress on the wool production potential of strong and fine wool Merino sheep 273 - 281 W.J. Olivier and J.J. Olivier
Effect of housing, initial weight and season on feedlot performance 282 - 290 H. Koknaroglu, D.D. Loy and M.P. Hoffman