SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 008, Volume 38, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
Genetic analysis of somatic cell score and udder type traits in South African Holstein cows 1 - 11 B. Dube, K. Dzama and C.B. Banga
Effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on the growth and lipid metabolism of geese and fatty acid composition of their 12 - 20 Xu-hui Zhang, Bao-wei Wang, Lei Wang, Fang-yu Long, Zhi-gang Yang, Shi-hao Yu, Ya-chao Wang, Xiao-xiao Wei, Li-zhen Jing and Guang-lei Liu
Effects of dietary probiotic and prebiotic supplementation on growth performance and serum IgG concentration of broilers 21 - 27 M. Midilli, M. Alp, N. Kocabagli, O.H. Muglali, N. Turan, H. Yilmaz and S. Cakir
Determination of metabolisable energy of five cultivars of hulless barley using adult Leghorn cockerels (Short communication) 28 - 30 M. Rezaei, M. Dehghan and M. Ayatollahy
Across flock genetic parameter estimation for yearling body weight and fleece traits in the South African Dohne Merino populatio 31 - 37 J.B. van Wyk, J.W. Swanepoel, S.W.P. Cloete, J.J. Olivier and G.J. Delport
Shelled acorn seed (Quercus cerris) as a diet ingredient on the performance of growing Japanese Quail (Short communication) 38 - 42 M. Midilli, O.H. Muglali, L. Altintas, H. Erol and S. Cakir
The effect of plant age on the chemical composition of fresh and ensiled Agave salmiana leaves 43 - 50 J.M. Pinos-Rodrí­guez, M. Zamudio and S.S. Gonzalez
The use of a cluster analysis in across herd genetic evaluation for beef cattle 51 - 57 F.W.C. Neser, G.J. Erasmus and M.M. Scholtz
Effect of short-term pre-hatch heat shock of incubating eggs on subsequent broiler performance 58 - 64 E. Sengor, M. Yardimci, N. Okur and U. Can
Live weight and reproduction performance of Zimbabwean Blue and South African Black ostriches 65 - 73 S.W.P. Cloete, M.M. Brand, L.C. Hoffman and M. Muller

Issue: 2
2 008, Volume 38, Issue 2
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Threonine and lysine requirements for maintenance in chickens 75 - 82 M.K. Nonis and R.M. Gous
Sprout selection and performance of goats fed Acacia karroo coppices in the False Thornveld of the Eastern Cape, South Africa 83 - 90 C.C. Nyamukanza and P.F. Scogings
Effects of dietary oil sources on egg quality, fatty acid composition of eggs and blood lipids in laying quail 91 - 100 B.K. Guclu, F. Uyanik and K.M. Iscan
Cloning and SNP screening of the TLR4 gene and the association between its polymorphism and somatic cell score in dairy cattle 101 - 109 Xing-ping Wang, Shang-zhong Xu, Xue Gao, Jun-ya Li, Hong-yan Ren and Zhuo-ma Luoren
Heritability estimates and correlations between production and reproductive traits in Lori-Bakhtiari sheep in Iran 110 - 118 M. Vatankhah and M.A. Talebi
Estimates of genetic parameters and effect of inbreeding on milk yield and composition in South African Jersey cows 119 - 125 A. Maiwashe, K.A. Nephawe and H.E. Theron
Mapping QTL for fatty acid composition that segregates between the Japanese Black and Limousin cattle breeds (Short communicatio 126 - 130 N.O.M. Tshipuliso, L.J. Alexander, T.W. Geary, W.M. Snelling, D.C. Rule, J.E. Koltes, B.E. Mote and M.D. MacNeil
Leptin gene polymorphism in Indian Sahiwal cattle by single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) (Short communication) 131 - 135 P.P. Dubey, Ashwani Sharma, D.S. Gour, Prashant, Anubhav Jain, C.S. Mukhopadhyay, Avtar Singh, B.K. Joshi and Dinesh Kumar
Results of 23 years of selection for post-weaning weight in a Caracu beef herd 136 - 144 M.C. Pereira, M.E.Z. Mercadante, A.G. Razook, L.A. Figueiredo and L.G. Albuquerque
Effect of sage extract (Salvia officinalis) on growth performance, blood parameters, oxidative stress and DNA damage in partridg 145 - 152 S. Yurtseven, M. Cetin, T. Sengul and B. Sogut
The effect of constant photoperiod on testis weight and the use of comb area to predict testis weights in broiler breeder males 153 - 158 N.C. Tyler and R.M. Gous

Issue: 3
2 008, Volume 38, Issue 3
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Male broiler performance and nocturnal feeding under constant 8-h or 16-h photoperiods, and various increasing lighting regimens 159 - 165 P.D. Lewis, R. Danisman and R.M. Gous
Genetic parameter estimates for growth traits of Large White pigs in Kenya 166 - 173 E.D. Ilatsia, M.G. Githinji, T.K. Muasya, T.O. Okeno and A.K. Kahi
Growth and carcass characteristics of male dairy calves on a yeast culture-supplemented diet 174 - 183 H.H. Titi, A.Y. Abdullah, W.F. Lubbadeh and B.S. Obeidat
Effects of post mortem temperature on rigor tension, shortening and pH in ostrich muscle 184 - 192 S.StC. Botha, L.C. Hoffman and T.J. Britz
Genetic variation of indigenous chicken breeds in China and a Recessive White breed using AFLP fingerprinting 193 - 200 Yushi Gao, Yunjie Tu, Haibin Tong, Kehua Wang, Xiujun Tang and Kuanwei Chen
Broilers (Gallus gallus) are less stressed if they can smell a mother odorant 201 - 206 I. Madec, J.F. Gabarrou, D. Saffray and P. Pageat
Effects of ovariectomy and anabolic steroid implantation on the somatotrophic axis in feedlot heifers 207 - 216 C.R. Bailey, G.C. Duff, S.R. Sanders, S.P. Cuneo, C.P. McMurphy, S.W. Limesand, J.A. Marchello, D.W. Schafer, M.L. Rhoads and D.M. Hallford
Effects of different raising systems on colour and quality characteristics of Turkish Pekin duck meats 217 - 223 E. Lacin, M.I. Aksu, M. Macit, A. Yildiz, M. Karaoglu, N. Esenbuga and M.A. Yoruk
Procedures for estimation of genetic persistency indices for milk production for the South African dairy industry 224 - 230 B.E. Mostert, R.R. van der Westhuizen and H.E. Theron
Effects of genotype and egg weight on hatchability traits and hatching weight in Japanese quail 231 - 237 S. Alkan, K. Karabag, A. Galic and M.S. Balcioglu
Effects of implant programs on performance, carcass characteristics, and lipogenic gene expression in Holstein steers 238 - 246 R.C. Cheatham, G.C. Duff, C.R. Bailey, S.R. Sanders, R.J. Collier, J.A. Marchello and L.H. Baumgard
Acceptability of chevon from kids, yearling goats and mature does of indigenous South African goats: A case study 247 - 259 L. Simela, E.C. Webb and M.J.C. Bosman
Effects of L-carnitine in layer diets containing different fat sources and energy levels on hen performance and egg quality 260 - 270 M. Corduk and S. Sarica

Issue: 4
2 008, Volume 38, Issue 4
Title Page Author(s)
Genetic diversity and population structure of locally adapted South African chicken lines: Implications for conservation 271 - 281 E. van Marle-Köster, C.A. Hefer, L.H. Nel and M.A.M. Groenen
Estimation of carcass composition and fat depots by means of subcutaneous adipocyte area and body and tail measurements in fat-t 282 - 289 M. Yardimci, E. Hesna Sahin, I.S. Cetingu, I. Bayram, K. Altunbas and E. Sengor Kahi
Structural assessment of backcrossing using microsatellite markers (Short communication) 290 - 292 N.O.M. Tshipuliso, L.J. Alexander, A. Kotze, K. Ehlers, V.L. Reisenauer Leesburg and M.D. MacNeil
Effect of dietary protein content on growth, uniformity and mortality of two commercial broiler strains 293 - 302 E.T. Berhe and R.M. Gous
The performance and meat quality of Bonsmara steers raised in a feedlot, on conventional pastures or on organic pastures 303 - 314 J. Esterhuizen, I.B. Groenewald, P.E. Strydom and A. Hugo
Systematic factors that affect ostrich egg incubation traits 315 - 325 Z. Brand, S.W.P. Cloete, C.R. Brown and I.A. Malecki
Physical impact of grazing by sheep in the Nama Karoo subshrub/grass rangeland of South Africa on litter and dung distribution ( 326 - 330 G. van N. du Toit, H.A. Snyman and P.J. Malan
Fish meal supplementation to early lactation Jersey cows grazing ryegrass pasture 331 - 341 E.R. Malleson, R. Meeske, L.J. Erasmus, W.A. Van Niekerk and R.J. Coertze
Changes in nutrient composition of kikuyu foggage as winter progressed 342 - 349 E. Rautenbach, J.B.J. van Ryssen and W.A. van Niekerk
The drying rate and chemical composition of field and artificially dried lucerne hay (Short communication) 350 - 354 C.J.C. Muller, C.W. Cruywagen, F.J. du Toit and J.A. Botha
Carcass characteristics and meat quality of progeny of five Merino dam lines, crossed with Dormer and Suffolk sires 355 - 366 J.J.E. Cloete, L.C. Hoffman and S.W.P. Cloete