SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 011, Volume 41, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
Live animal and carcass characteristics of South African indigenous goats 1 - 15 L. Simela, E.C. Webb & M.J.C. Bosman
Effects of ractopamine and gender on protein turnover in skeletal muscle of implanted steers and heifers 16 - 23 D.K. Walker, E.C. Titgemeyer, D.E. Johnson, S.B. Laudert & B.J. Johnson
Effect of supplemental fat in low energy diets on some blood parameters and carcass characteristics of broiler chicks 24 - 32 A. Monfaredi, M. Rezaei & H. Sayyahzadeh
Do broiler chicks possess enough growth potential to compensate long-term feed and water depravation during the neonatal period? 33 - 39 F. Abed, A. Karimi, Gh. Sadeghi, M. Shivazad, S. Dashti & A. Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi
Expression profiling analyses of porcine MuRF1 gene and its association with muscle production traits 40 - 44 H. Shen, M.X. Liao, S.H. Zhao, X.Y. Li & B. Fan
Parameter estimates for reproductive output and product quality traits of ostrich females within breeding seasons 46 - 56 M.D. Fair, J.B. van Wyk & S.W.P Cloete
Effect of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) extract on broiler chickens under cold stress 57 - 62 Xingyong Chen, Runshen Jiang, Xuede Li, Yongde Yue & Zhaoyu Geng
Polymorphism of the prolactin gene and its association with egg production traits in native Chinese ducks 63 - 69 Cui Wang, Zhenhua Liang, Wenhua Yu, Yanping Feng, Xiuli Peng, Yanzhang Gong & Shijun Li

Issue: 2
2 011, Volume 41, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
Evaluation of faba bean (Vicia faba cv. Fiord) as a protein source for broilers 71 - 78 R.M. Gous
Nutritional evaluation of dehulled faba bean (Vicia faba cv. Fiord) in feeds for weaner pigs 79 - 86 I.A. Emiola & R.M. Gous
Evaluation of dehulled faba bean (Vicia faba cv. Fiord) as a protein source for laying hens 87 - 93 S.F. Magoda & R.M. Gous
Nutrient intake, acid base status and weight gain in water buffalo calves fed different dietary levels of sodium bicarbonate 94 - 103 M. Sarwar, M.A. Shahzad, M. Nisa & S. Amjad
Comparison and evaluation of mathematical lactation curve functions of Iranian primiparous Holsteins 104 - 115 M. Elahi Torshizi, A.A. Aslamenejad, M.R. Nassiri & H. Farhangfar
Modelling growth of five different colour types of mink 116 - 125 Zong-yue Liu, Fang-yong Ning, Zhi-heng Du, Chun-san Yang, Jing Fu, Xing Wang & Xiu-juan Bai
Use of anise seed and/or α-tocopheryl acetate in laying Japanese quail diets 126 - 133 E.V. Christaki, E.M. Bonos & P.C. Florou-Paneri
Effects of supplementing humates on rumen fermentation in Holstein steers 134 - 140 C.P. McMurphy, G.C. Duff, S.R. Sanders, S.P. Cuneo & N.K. Chirase
Nutrient content of uncooked and cooked meat from South African classes A2 lamb and C2 mutton (Short communication) 141 - 145 H.C. Schönfeldt, S.M. van Heerden, J. Sainsbury & N. Gibson
Photostimulation of male broiler breeders to different photoperiods 146 - 155 M.H. Floyd & N.C. Tyler
The effect of dosing Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 (Me) on lactation performance of multiparous Holstein cows (Short communic 156 - 160 P.H. Henning, L.J. Erasmus, H.H. Meissner & C.H. Horn
Non-genetic factors affecting growth performance and carcass characteristics of two South African pig breeds 161 - 176 B. Dube, S.D. Mulugeta, R.R. van der Westhuizen & K. Dzama

Issue: 3
2 011, Volume 41, Issue 3
Title Page Author(s)
Quality related principles of the South African beef classification system in relation to grading and classification systems of 177 - 193 P.E. Strydom
Effect of dietary protein on the allometric relationships between some carcass portions and body protein in three broiler strain 194 - 208 R. Danisman & R.M. Gous
Maintenance requirements for methionine and cysteine, and threonine for poultry 209 - 222 M.A. Bonato, N.K. Sakomura, J.C. Siqueira, J.B.K. Fernandes & R.M. Gous
Effects of breed on milk fatty acid profile in dairy ewes, with particular reference to cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid 223 - 231 D. Mierlita, St. Daraban & F. Lup
Polymorphism of the porcine CGA gene and its association with growth and carcass traits 232 - 242 Xiaoling Jiang, Lifan Zhang, Ningying Xu, Jipeng Zhai & Zunzhou Lv
Genetic parameter estimates for live animal ultrasound measures of carcass traits in South African Angus cattle 243 - 249 M.M. Seroba, A. Maiwashe, K.A. Nephawe & D. Norris
Parentage verification of South African Angora goats, using microsatellite markers (Short communication) 250 - 255 C. Visser, E. van Marle-Köster & H. Friedrich
Effects of partial replacement of barley with sugar beet pulp on pre- and post-partum performance of Zel ewes 256 - 264 M. Ghadami Kohestani, A. Teimouri Yansari & M. Rezaei
Influence of incubation management on pipping position, hatching ability and survival of ostrich chicks 265 - 274 Z. Brand, S.W.P. Cloete, I.A. Malecki & C.R. Brown
Effect of breed on performance and carcass characteristics of Mexican hair sheep (Short communication) 275 - 279 F.G. Ríos, A. Gómez-Vázquez, J.M. Pinos-Rodríguez, J.C. García-López, A. Estrada-Angulo, J. Hernández-Bautista & J.J. Portillo
Physical impact of sheep grazing on arid Karoo subshrub/grass rangeland, South Africa 280 - 287 G.vanN. du Toit, H.A. Snyman & P.J. Malan
Effects of oxidised oil and vitamin E on performance and some blood traits of heat-stressed male broilers 288 - 296 H. Bayraktar, Ö. Altan, Z. Açıkgöz, Ş.H. Baysal & Ç. Şeremet
Comparison of analyses to predict ruminal fibre degradability and indigestible fibre in temperate grass silages 297 - 308 F. Jančík, V. Koukolová, P. Homolka & J. Haman
Feeding of whole cottonseed on performance, carcass characteristics and intestinal morphology of Zandi lambs 309 - 317 M. Absalan, A. Afzalzade, M. Mirzaee, S.D. Sharifi, M. Khorvash & M. Kazemi-Benchenari

Issue: 4
2 011, Volume 41, Issue 4
Title Page Author(s)
Dietary effects of Ca-zeolite supplementation on some blood and tibial bone characteristics of broilers 319 - 330 Hasan Eleroğlu, Hüseyin Yalçın & Arda Yıldırım
Effects of dietary dihydropyridine on laying performance and lipid metabolism of broiler breeder hens 331 - 336 Z.Y. Niu, Y.N. Min, H.Y. Wang, J. Zhang, W.C. Li, L. Li & F.Z. Liu
The effect of tannin with and without polyethylene glycol on in vitro gas production and microbial enzyme activity 337 - 344 I.V. Nsahlai, F.N. Fon & N.A.D. Basha
Prediction of energy requirements of Murciano-Granadina preruminant female kids using the National Research Council (Short commu 345 - 349 A.L. Martínez Marín, M. Pérez Hernández, L.M. Pérez Alba, D. Carrión Pardo & A.G. Gómez Castro
Effects of bacterial silage inoculants on whole-crop maize silage fermentation and silage digestibility in rams 350 - 359 B.D. Nkosi, R. Meeske, T. Langa & R.S. Thomas
Effect of concentrate supplementation during early lactation on plasma IGF-I concentrations and reproductive performance of dair 360 - 367 F.Y. Obese, T.E. Stirling, R.C. Stockdale, K.L. Macmillan, A.R. Egan & S. Humphrys
Effects of a dual-purpose bacterial inoculant on the fermentation characteristics of high-moisture maize silage and dairy cattle 368 - 376 H. Mohammadzadeh, M. Khorvash, G.R. Ghorbani & W.Z. Yang
The effects of wilting, molasses and inoculants on the fermentation quality and nutritive value of lucerne silage 377 - 388 F. Hashemzadeh-Cigari, M. Khorvash, G.R. Ghorbani & A. Taghizadeh
Ruminal protein and fibre degradability of lucerne hay as affected by regrowth period and dairy breed 389 - 397 C.W. Cruywagen, C.J.C. Muller & F.J. du Toit
Polymorphism of the GnRHR gene and its association with litter size in Boer goats (Short communication) 398 - 402 Wucai Yang, Keqiong Tang, Chunyan Zhang, Deqing Xu, Qunying Wen & Liguo Yang
Influence of a newly-synthesised 5-oxo-1,2,4-triazyne derivative on antioxidant indices of blood and performance of turkey hens 403 - 412 K. Ognik & I. Sembratowicz
The protein dispersibility index in the quality control of heat-treated full-fat soybeans: an inter-laboratory study 413 - 419 D. Palić, K.Y. Modika, A. Oelofse, L. Morey & S.E. Coetzee
Effects of dietary turmeric supplementation on plasma lipoproteins, meat quality and fatty acid composition in broilers 420 - 428 M. Daneshyar, M. Alizadeh Ghandkanlo, F. Sabzi Bayeghra, F. Farhangpajhoh & M. Aghaei


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