SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 012, Volume 42, Issue 1
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Comparison of the milk composition of free-ranging indigenous African cattle breeds 1 - 14 J. Myburgh, G. Osthoff, A. Hugo, M. de Wit, K. Nel & D. Fourie
The effect of plant extracts fed before farrowing and during lactation on sow and piglet performance 15 - 21 B. Matysiak, E. Jacyno, M. Kawęcka, A. Kołodziej-Skalska & A. Pietruszka
Effects of non-antibiotic feed additives on performance, immunity and intestinal morphology of broilers fed different levels of 22 - 32 M. Houshmand, K. Azhar, I. Zulkifli, M.H. Bejo & A. Kamyab
Slow-release amylase increases in vitro ruminal digestion of maize and sorghum grain 33 - 37 M. Crosby, G.D. Mendoza, I. Bonola, F.X. Plata, H. Sandoval & L.M. Melgoza
Correlated response in longevity from direct selection for production in the South African Jersey breed 38 - 46 J. du Toit, J.B. van Wyk & A. Maiwashe
Relationships between functional herd life and conformation traits in the South African Jersey breed 47 - 54 J. du Toit, J.B. van Wyk & A. Maiwashe
Assessment of inbreeding depression for functional herd life in the South African Jersey breed based on level and rate of inbree 55 - 62 J. du Toit, J.B. van Wyk & A. Maiwashe
The performance of broilers on a feed depends on the feed protein content given previously 63 - 73 R.M. Gous, G.C. Emmans & C. Fisher
Performance and egg quality of aged laying hens fed diets supplemented with meat and bone meal or oyster shell meal 74 - 82 A.U. Çatlı, M. Bozkurt, K. Küçükyılmaz, M. Çınar, E. Bintaş, F. Çöven & H. Atik

Issue: 2
2 012, Volume 42, Issue 2
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Animal factors affecting fatty acid composition of cow milk fat: A review 83 - 100 E. Samková, J. Špička, M. Pešek, T. Pelikánová & O. Hanuš
Fatty acid profile and cholesterol content of m. longissimus of free-range and conventionally reared Mangalitsa pigs 101 - 113 N. Parunović, M. Petrović, V. Matekalo-Sverak, D. Trbović, M. Mijatović & Č. Radović
Pedigree analysis of an ostrich breeding flock 114 - 122 M.D. Fair, J.B. van Wyk & S.W.P Cloete
Foster parenting, human imprinting and conventional handling affects survival and early weight of ostrich chicks 123 - 130 M.D. Wang, S.W.P. Cloete, K. Dzama, M. Bonato & I.A. Malecki
Effects of a novel carbohydrate fraction on broiler performance and intestinal function 131 - 138 M. Ivković, L. Perić, D. Žikić, D. Cvetković, D. Glamočić & P. Spring
Effect of in ovo injection with L-arginine on productive and physiological traits of Japanese quail 139 - 145 H.J. Al-Daraji, A.A. Al-Mashadani, W.K. Al-Hayani, A.S. Al-Hassani & H.A. Mirza
Genetic analysis of body weight in South African Angora kids and young goats 146 - 155 M.A. Snyman
Genetic variation within and among three ostrich breeds, estimated by using microsatellite markers 156 - 163 A.H. Davids, S.W.P. Cloete, A.E. Bester-van der Merwe, F. Muchadeyi, R. Slabbert & K. Dzama
Effect of forage sources and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc 47) on ruminal fermentation parameters (Short communication) 164 - 168 E. Ghasemi, M. Khorvash & A. Nikkhah
Withdrawal or reduction of the dietary vitamin premix on bone parameters of broiler chickens in two rearing systems 169 - 177 H. Moravej, M. Alahyari-Shahrasb, M.R. Baghani & M. Shivazad
Effects of different penning conditions, feeding regimens and season on growth and carcass attributes of boars of a selected gen 178 - 188 W.J. Steyn, N.H. Casey & C. Jansen van Rensburg
Effect of water treatment of sorghum on the performance of broiler chicks (Short communication) 189 - 194 M. Sharif, M. Idrees, N.A. Tauqir, M.A. Shahzad, M.F. Khalid, M. Nisa, M. Sarwar & M.L. Khan
Megasphaera elsdenii on the performance of steers adapting to a high-concentrate diet, using three or five transition diets (Sho 195 - 199 J.S. Drouillard, P.H. Henning, H.H. Meissner & K-J. Leeuw

Issue: 3
2 012, Volume 42, Issue 3
Title Page Author(s)
Effect of dietary starch source on milk production and composition of lactating Holstein cows 201 - 209 GH.R. Mosavi, F. Fatahnia, H.R. Mirzaei Alamouti, A.A. Mehrabi & H. Darmani Kohi
In ovo feeding of carbohydrates and incubated at a high incubation temperature on hatchability and glycogen status of chicks 210 - 220 T.M. Shafey, M.A. Alodan, I.M. Al-Ruqaie & M.A. Abouheif
Polymorphisms of candidate genes associated with meat quality and disease resistance in indigenous and exotic pig breeds of Viet 221 - 231 Ng.V. Cuong, Ng.T. Thu, T.T. Thoa, T.X. Hoan, Ng.T. Thuy & Ng.T.D. Thuy
Effects of bacterial inoculants and an enzyme on the fermentation quality and aerobic stability of ensiled whole-crop sweet sorg 232 - 240 B.D. Nkosi, P.V. Vadlani, K. Brijwani, A. Nanjunda & R. Meeske
Effect of butyric acid supplementation and whole wheat inclusion on the performance and carcass traits of broilers 241 - 248 A.M. Aghazadeh & M. TahaYazdi
Steroid implants and markers of bone turnover in steers 249 - 255 S.M. Knetter, T.J. Baxa, K.Y. Chung, B.J. Johnson & J.E. Minton
The fatty acid composition of muscles and fat depots of ostriches as influenced by genotype 256 - 265 L.C. Hoffman, M.M. Brand, S.W.P. Cloete & M. Muller
Effects of dietary L-threonine and Saccharomyces cerevisiae on performance, intestinal morphology and immune response of broiler 266 - 273 V. Rezaeipour, H. Fononi & M. Irani
Divergent selection for reproduction affects dag score, breech wrinkle score and crutching time in Merinos (Short communication) 274 - 279 A.J. Scholtz, S.W.P. Cloete, J.J.E. Cloete, A.C.M. Kruger, J.B. van Wyk & K. van der Linde
Prediction of 305-day milk yield in Brown Swiss cattle using artificial neural networks 280 - 287 O. Gorgulu
Analysis of troponin I gene polymorphisms and meat quality in Mongcai pigs 288 - 295 Nguyen Trong Ngu & Nguyen Thi Hong Nhan
Performance and physiological responses of milk-fed calves to coated calcium butyrate supplementation 296 - 303 M. Nazari, K. Karkoodi & A. Alizadeh
The effect of dietary crude protein on the fertility of male broiler breeders 304 - 309 N.C. Tyler & H.A. Bekker
Responses of Black Neck ostrich chicks to L-carnitine dietary supplementation during the pre-starter growth period (Short commun 310 - 315 A. Hajibabaei & N.H. Casey

Issue: 4
2 012, Volume 42, Issue 4
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Physical and chemical properties of selected beef muscles infused with a phosphate and lactate blend 317 - 340 L.C. Hoffman, A. Vermaak & N. Muller
Effect of RRR-α-tocopherol succinate on the meat quality and antioxidative status in broilers 341 - 353 Xuhui Zhang, Gaiqin Wang, Yanmin Zhou & Tian Wang
Effects of feeding the seeds of Prosopis laevigata, Acacia schaffneri and Ceratonia siliqua on the performance of broiler chicks 354 - 359 G. Álvarez-Fuentes, J.C. García-López, J.M. Pinos-Rodríguez, J.R. Aguirre-Rivera, Y. Jasso-Pineda & S.G. Celestino-Santillán
Chemical composition, fatty acid profile and colour of broiler meat as affected by organic and conventional rearing systems 360 - 368 K. Küçükyılmaz, M. Bozkurt, A.U. Çatlı, E.N. Herken, M. Çınar & E. Bintaş
Broiler breeders utilise body lipid as an energy source 369 - 378 M.K. Nonis & R.M. Gous
Dietary supplementation of mannanoligosaccharides to turkey hens on their growth performance and antioxidant status in the blood 379 - 388 K. Ognik & M. Krauze
Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters for sow productivity traits in South African Large White pigs 389 - 397 B. Dube, Sendros D. Mulugeta & K. Dzama
Dietary Rhus coriaria L. powder reduces the blood cholesterol, VLDL-c and glucose, but increases abdominal fat in broilers 398 - 405 M. Golzadeh, P. Farhoomand & M. Daneshyar
Variety effect on composition, kinetics of fermentation and in vitro digestibility of oat (Avena sativa L.) straw and its neutral detergent fibre 406 - 415 F. Kafilzadeh, N. Heidary & S. Bahraminejad

Issue: 5
2 012, Volume 42, Issue 5 SASAS Congress 2011
Title Page Author(s)
Improved production efficiency in cattle to reduce their carbon footprint for beef production 450 - 453 M.M. Scholtz, Y. Steyn, E. van Marle-Köster & H.E. Theron
Selenium concentration of maize grain in South Africa and possible factors influencing the concentration 454 - 458 C. Courtman, J.B.J. van Ryssen & A. Oelofse
Environmental factors influencing milk urea nitrogen in South African Holstein cattle 459 - 463 M.L. Kgole, C. Visser & C.B. Banga
The effects of an active live yeast product on the growth performance of finishing lambs 464 - 468 G.H. Pienaar, O.B. Einkamerer, H.J. van der Merwe, A. Hugo, G.D.J. Scholtz & M.D. Fair
Estimation of genetic parameters for growth traits in Brangus cattle 469 - 473 F.W.C. Neser, J.B. van Wyk, M.D. Fair, P. Lubout & B.J. Crook
Genetic evaluation of growth traits in beef cattle using random regression models 474 - 477 F.W.C. Neser, J.B. van Wyk, M.D. Fair & P. Lubout
The in vitro fermentation of maize stover as affected by faecal bacteria obtained from ungulates 478 - 482 F.N. Fon & I.V. Nsahlai
Fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of lambs’ meat as affected by a bioflavonoid antioxidant and fat sources 483 - 487 K.E. Booyens, O.B. Einkamerer, A. Hugo, H.J. van der Merwe, S.C. Slippers & M.D. Fair
Digestion and microbial protein synthesis in sheep as affected by exogenous fibrolytic enzymes 488 - 492 W.F.J. van de Vyver & B.A. Useni
Evaluation of silver nanoparticles as a possible coccidiostat in broiler production 493 - 497 N. Chauke & F.K. Siebrits
Relationship between pelvic and linear body measurements in Dorper ewes 498 - 502 I.M. van Rooyen, P.J. Fourie & L.M.J. Schwalbach
Effect of dietary fat source on fatty acid profile and lipid oxidation of eggs 503 - 506 E.J. King, A. Hugo, F.H. de Witt, H.J. van der Merwe & M.D. Fair
Some insights into the phenotypic and genetic diversity of indigenous pigs in southern Africa 507 - 510 T.E. Halimani, F.C. Muchadeyi, M. Chimonyo & K. Dzama
Preliminary report: Pedigree analysis of the Brangus cattle in South Africa 511 - 514 J.W. Steyn, F.W.C. Neser, C. Hunlun & P.C. Lubout
Effect of dietary lipid saturation on the production performance of layers 515 - 519 E.J. King, F.H. de Witt, A. Hugo, H.J. van der Merwe & M.D. Fair
Preliminary results on the effect of the inclusion of cottonseed oilcake meal on the feed intake and growth of slaughter ostriches (Struthio camelus var. domesticus) 520 - 523 T.S. Brand, D. Squizzato, L.C. Hoffman & A. Dalle Zotte
Effect of slaughter technique on bleed-out, blood in the trachea and blood splash in the lungs of cattle 524 - 529 B. Agbeniga & E.C. Webb
Comparison of different extenders and storage temperature on the sperm motility characteristics of Kolbroek pig semen 530 - 534 M.H. Mapeka, K.C. Lehloenya & T.L. Nedambale
Production response of lambs receiving creep feed while grazing two different pastures 535 - 539 S. Terblanche, T.S. Brand, J.W. Jordaan & J.C. van der Walt
The effect of dietary garlic powder and a low temperature on the physical quality of stored eggs 540 - 544 R.Y. Olobatoke & S.D. Mulugeta
Urinary catecholamine concentrations in three beef breeds at slaughter 545 - 549 H.A. O’Neill, E.C. Webb, L. Frylinck & P. Strydom
The use of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to predict the chemical composition of feed samples used in ostrich total mixed rations 550 - 554 E. Swart, T.S. Brand & J. Engelbrecht
A description of body growth and composition of South African Black ostriches (Struthio camelus var. domesticus) under free-choice feeding conditions 555 - 558 T.S. Brand, W.J. Kritzinger, L.C. Hoffman & R.M. Gous
The effect of vitamin E supplementation on the libido and reproductive capacity of Large White boars 559 - 563 D.O. Umesiobi