SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 015, Volume 45, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
Dietary effect of silage type and combination with camelina seed on milk fatty acid profile and antioxidant capacity of sheep milk 1 - 11 D. Mierlita & S. Vicas
The effect of breed on fatty acid composition of subcutaneous adipose tissues in fat-tailed sheep under identical feeding conditions 12 - 19 E. Maleki, F. Kafilzadeh, G.Y. Meng, M.A. Rajion & M. Ebrahimi
An exploratory analysis to determine the impact of fixed effects and to establish genetic parameters across six types of ostrich feathers 20 - 29 Z. Brand & S.W.P. Cloete
Fatty acid profile and health lipid indices in the raw milk of Simmental and Holstein-Friesian cows from an organic farm 30 - 38 R. Pilarczyk, J. Wójcik, P. Sablik & P. Czerniak
The effect of dietary protein on breast meat yield of broilers reared on different daylengths 39 - 48 P.P. Mlaba, M. Ciacciariello & R.M. Gous
Effects of Rhus coriaria on nutrient composition, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and colour of thigh meat in heat-stressed broilers 49 - 55 A. Sharbati, M. Daneshyar, A. Aghazadeh, J. Aliakbarlu & F. Hamian
Validation of the 50k Illumina goat SNP chip in the South African Angora goat (Short communication) 56 - 59 S.F. Lashmar, C. Visser & E. van Marle-Köster
The nutritional value of new varieties of high-yielding triticale: Nutrient composition and in vitro digestibility 60 - 73 A.E. Widodo, J.V. Nolan & P.A. Iji
The nutritional value of new varieties of high-yielding triticale: Feeding value of triticale for broiler chickens 74 - 81 A.E. Widodo, J.V. Nolan & P.A. Iji
The effects of three extenders on refrigerated boar semen 82 - 88 S.M.P. Teixeira, A. Chaveiro & F. Moreira da Silva
Effect of supplementary feeding to ewes and suckling lambs on ewe and lamb live weights while grazing wheat stubble 89 - 95 T.S. Brand & L. Brundyn
Comparative changes in monthly blood urea nitrogen, total protein concentrations, and body condition scores of Nguni cows and heifers raised on sweetveld 96 - 103 L. Mapfumo & V. Muchenje

Issue: 2
2 015, Volume 45, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
Genetic prediction models and heritability estimates for functional longevity in dairy cattle: Review 105 - 121 V.E. Imbayarwo-Chikosi, K. Dzama, T.E. Halimani, J.B. van Wyk, A. Maiwashe & C.B. Banga
Phenotypic correlations of backfat thickness with meatiness traits, intramuscular fat, longissimus muscle cholesterol and fatty acid composition in pigs 122 - 128 E. Jacyno, A. Pietruszka, M. Kawęcka, W. Biel & A. Kołodziej-Skalska
Influence of frozen storage on the fatty acid composition of ostrich meat enriched with linseed and rapeseed 129 - 136 J.O. Horbańczuk, E. Poławska, A. Wójcik & L.C. Hoffman
In vitro degradation of melamine by ruminal microorganisms 137 - 142 C.W. Cruywagen & T. Calitz
Assessing nutrient adequacy from the crop contents of free-ranging indigenous chickens in rural villages of the Venda region of South Africa 143 - 152 T. Raphulu, C. Jansen van Rensburg & J.B.J. van Ryssen
Fatty acid profile, cholesterol and oxidative status in broiler chicken breast muscle fed different dietary oil sources and calcium levels 153 - 163 N.R. Abdulla, T.C. Loh, H. Akit, A.Q. Sazili, H.L. Foo, R. Mohamad, R. Abdul Rahim, M. Ebrahimi & A.B. Sabow
Changes in certain serum and faeces parameters in weaned piglets as a response to nutritional stress 164 - 172 M. Habeanu, N.A. Lefter, A. Gheorghe, C. Tabuc, A. Untea, I. Surdu, G. Ciurescu, C.G. Balan & C. Dragomir
Effect of production system on welfare traits, growth performance and meat quality of ducks 173 - 179 Yujie Chen, Chen Aorigele, Feng Yan, Yan Li, Peng Cheng & Zhili Qi
Ingestive behaviour of grazing ewes given two levels of concentrate 180 - 187 T.P.D. Silva, C.A.T. Marques, J.N.C. Torreão, L.R. Bezerra, M.J. Araújo, F.P. Gottardi, R.L. Edvan & R.L. Oliveira
Diallel analysis for bodyweight involving three genotypes of Nigerian indigenous chickens 188 - 197 A.A. Musa, M. Orunmuyi, G.N. Akpa, A.K. Olutunmogun, H. Muhammad & I.I. Adedibu
First-time characterization of JY-1-like sequence in goats 198 - 205 R. Sharma, S. Ahlawat, A. Maitra, M. Roy, S. Mandakmale & M.S. Tantia
Chemical composition and nutritive value of South African sorghum varieties as feed for broiler chickens 206 - 213 M. Mabelebele, M. Siwela, R.M. Gous & P.A. Iji
Potential enhancing effects of a carbohydrase mixture on phytase efficacy in late-phase laying hens fed wheat-based diets 214 - 225 M. Mirzaee, M. Torki & M. Habibian

Issue: 3
2 015, Volume 45, Issue 3 Special issue: Relevance of the South African Carcass Classification System
Title Page Author(s)
Editorial 227 - 228 H.C. Schönfeldt & A. Jooste
Description of carcass classification goals and the current situation in South Africa 229 - 233 E.C. Webb
The beef tenderness model 234 - 248 L. Frylinck, A. O’Neil, E. du Toit, P.E. Strydom & E.C. Webb
Proteomics approach as a new way to predict tenderness as compared to the classical South African Beef Carcass Classification System 249 - 254 K.W. Moloto, L. Frylinck, P.E. Strydom & G. Koorsen
Visual evaluation of beef tenderness by using surface structural observations and its relationship to meat colour 255 - 262 K.Y. Modika, L. Frylinck, K.W. Moloto, P.E. Strydom, P.H. Heinze & E.C. Webb
Relevance of the formal red meat classification system to the South African informal livestock sector 263 - 277 Z. Soji, D. Chikwanda, A.T. Chikwanda, I.F. Jaja, B. Mushonga & V. Muchenje
Associations between animal traits, carcass traits and carcass classification in a selected abattoir in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa 278 - 288 Z. Soji, S.P. Mabusela & V. Muchenje
Sources of variation in quality of South African beef: Case studies in relation to the red meat classification system 289 - 301 P.E. Strydom, L. Frylinck, S.M. van Heerden, M. Hope-Jones, A. Hugo, E.C. Webb, E. Moholisa, B.E. Liebenberg & O.C. Sehoole
Fat quality of South African pigs with different carcass classification characteristics 302 - 312 A. Hugo & E. Roodt
Nutrient content of South African red meat and the effect of age and production system 313 - 324 H.C. Schönfeldt & N. Hall
Changes in the composition of South African red meat 325 - 338 N. Hall, H.C. Schönfeldt & B. Pretorius
A consumer perspective of the South African red meat classification system 339 - 354 H. Vermeulen, H.C. Schönfeldt & B. Pretorius

Issue: 4
2 015, Volume 45, Issue 4
Title Page Author(s)
Variability in ejaculation rate and libido of boars during reproductive exploitation 355 - 361 R. Savić & M. Petrović
Intestinal morphology, digestive organ size and digesta pH of broiler chickens fed diets supplemented with or without Moringa oleifera leaf meal 362 - 371 T.T. Nkukwana, V. Muchenje, P.J. Masika & B. Mushonga
Effects of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) seed powder and extract on performance of broiler chickens 371 - 378 M. Naeemasa, A.A. Alaw Qotbi, A. Seidavi, D. Norris, D. Brown & M. Ginindza
Reproductive performance of Jersey and Fleckvieh × Jersey heifers and cows maintained on a pasture-based feeding system 379 - 385 S. Goni, C.J.C. Muller, B. Dube & K. Dzama
Fatty acid composition of beef steers as affected by diet and fat depot 386 - 394 C. Mapiye, P. Vahmani, J.L. Aalhus, D.C. Rolland, V.S. Baron, T.A. McAllister, H.C. Block, B. Uttaro & M.E.R. Dugan
Effects of niacin supplementation (40 weeks) and two dietary levels of concentrate on performance, blood and fatty acid profiles of dairy cattle 395 - 410 C. Rauls, U. Meyer, L. Hüther, D. von Soosten, A. Kinoshita, J. Rehage, G. Breves & S. Dänicke
Milk fatty acid composition and conjugated linoleic acid content of Jersey and Fleckvieh x Jersey cows in a pasture-based feeding system 411 - 418 B. Sasanti, S. Abel, C.J.C. Muller, W.C.A. Gelderblom & A. Schmulian
Effects of prebiotics and probiotics on the performance and bacterial colonization of broiler chickens 419 - 428 A.M. Abudabos, H.A. Al-Batshan & M.A. Murshed
Dietary effects of chitosan and buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) on the performance and serum lipid profile of broiler chicks 429 - 440 M.A. Sayed, M.T. Islam, M.M. Haque, M.J.H. Shah, R. Ahmed, M.N. Siddiqui & M.A. Hossain

Issue: 5
2 015, Volume 45, Issue 5
Title Page Author(s)
Utility of the browser’s behavioural and physiological strategies in coping with dietary tannins: Are exogenous tannin-inactivating treatments necessary? Review 441 - 451 V. Mlambo, U. Marume & C.S. Gajana
A balanced perspective on animal welfare for improved meat and meat products. Review 452 - 469 A.Y. Chulayo & V. Muchenje
Comparative analysis of the in vitro fermentation of wasted cladodes (Opuntia spp.), lucerne and oat hays 470 - 475 O.E. Del Razo, I. Almaraz, V. Espinosa, R. Soriano, L.A. Miranda, L. Arias, L. Guan, G. Buendía & A. Pelaez
Genetic analysis of pre-weaning survival and inbreeding in the Boxer dog breed of South Africa 476 - 484 B.E. Mostert, E. van Marle-Köster, C. Visser & M. Oosthuizen
Genetic variability of bovine GHR, IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 genes in Indian cattle and buffalo 485 - 493 K.P. Ramesha, Akhila Rao, M. Basavaraju, G.R. Geetha, M.A. Kataktalware & S. Jeyakumar
Effects of organic acid and probiotic on performance and gut morphology in broiler chickens 494 - 501 A.F. Agboola, B.R.O. Omidiwura, O. Odu, I.O. Popoola & E.A. Iyayi
Estimation of organic matter digestibility, metabolizable energy, phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of stems and seeds of the Juncus acutus plant in ruminant nutrition 502 - 509 F. Erdem, N. Cetinkaya, C. Nisbet & E. Altin
Environmental and genetic factors affecting faecal worm egg counts in Merinos divergently selected for reproduction 510 - 520 Z. Mpetile, S.W.P. Cloete, A.C.M. Kruger & K. Dzama
Replacement of soybean meal with maize steep liquor in the diets of feedlot lambs 521 - 527 A.P.D. de Freitas, M.deA. Ferreira, J.P.F. de Oliveira, Á.E.M. da Silva, L.F.P. Soares, J.deL. Silva, L.E. Salla & A.R.D.L. Souza
Effect of diets differing in rumen soluble nitrogen on utilization of poor-quality roughage by sheep 528 - 537 A.M. Mentz, W.A. van Niekerk, A. Hassen, R.J. Coertze & B.S.Gemeda
HEPES buffer in ovary-transportation medium influences developmental competence of cattle oocytes 538 - 546 Sh. Bohlooli, Ş. Bozoğlu & F. Cedden


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