SA Journal of Animal Science

Issue: 1
2 016, Volume 46, Issue 1
Title Page Author(s)
Genomic study of the mammary gland in bovines acclimated to a tropical environment 1 - 13 D. Wetzel-Gastal, F. Feitor, S. van Harten, M. Sebastiana, L.M.R. Sousa & L.A. Cardoso
Effects of glucose oxidase on the growth performance, serum parameters and faecal microflora of piglets 14 - 20 H. Tang, B. Yao, X. Gao, P. Yang, Z. Wang & G. Zhang
Ensiling quality of maize as influenced by the addition of wet distillers grains with soluble 21 - 28 R.M. Moyo, W.A. van Niekerk, A. Hassen, R.J. Coertze, C.J.L du Toit & B.S. Gemeda
Age, lighting treatment, feed allocation and feed form influence broiler breeder feeding time 29 - 34 R.M. Gous & R. Danisman
Effects of dietary inclusion of discarded cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) on the growth performance of South African Dorper lambs 35 - 41 B.D. Nkosi, R. Meeske, M.M. Ratsaka, T. Langa, M.D. Motiang & I.B. Groenewald
Effects of dietary oil sources and calcium : phosphorus levels on growth performance, gut morphology and apparent digestibility of broiler chickens 42 - 53 N.R. Abdulla, T.C. Loh, H. Akit, A.Q. Sazili & H.L. Foo
Microsatellite-based estimation of inbreeding level in sheep populations of small effective size 54 - 62 R. Al-Atiyat
The effects of various dietary vegetable oil sources on villi morphologyand liver aldehydes in young layers 63 - 69 Sh. Golzar Adabi, A. Hajibabaei, N.H. Casey & A.G. Bayraktaroglu
Production performance of pigs reared in different systems and fed increased energy content diets with or without green alfalfa 70 - 76 W.J. Kozera, K. Karpiesiuk, D. Bugnacka, J. Falkowski & W. Milewska
Effects of oregano essential oil and attapulgite on growth performance, intestinal microbiota and morphometry in broilers 77 - 88 I. Skoufos, I. Giannenas, D. Tontis, T. Bartzanas, C. Kittas, P. Panagakis & A. Tzora
Evaluation of the OvineSNP50 chip for use in four South African sheep breeds (Short communication) 89 - 93 L. Sandenbergh, S.W.P. Cloete, R. Roodt-Wilding, M.A. Snyman & A.E. Bester-van der Merwe
Spirulina as a functional ingredient in broiler chicken diets 94 - 102 E. Bonos, E. Kasapidou, A. Kargopoulos, A. Karampampas, E. Christaki, P. Florou-Paneri & I. Nikolakakis
Dietary effects of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) and black cumin (Nigella sativa) seed on growth performance, serum lipid profile and intestinal microflora of broiler chicks 103 - 111 M.S. Islam, M.N. Siddiqui, M.A. Sayed, M. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, M.A. Islam & M.A. Hossain

Issue: 2
2 016, Volume 46, Issue 2
Title Page Author(s)
Effects of whey, molasses and exogenous enzymes on the ensiling characteristics, nutrient composition and aerobic stability of maize cobs 113 - 120 A.T. Kanengoni, B.D. Nkosi, M. Chimonyo, B. Ndimba & K. Dzama
Fermentation products of Cordyceps militaris enhance performance and modulate immune response of weaned piglets 121 - 128 Y.H. Cheng, C.M. Wen, A. Dybus & W.S. Proskura
Effects of bacterial inoculation on the fermentation characteristics and aerobic stability of ensiled whole plant soybeans (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) 129 - 138 B.D. Nkosi, R. Meeske, T. Langa, M.D. Motiang, S. Modiba, T.F. Mutavhatsindi, I.M.M. Malebana & I.B. Groenewald
Fatty acids, lipid and protein oxidation, metmyoglobin reducing activity and sensory attributes of biceps femoris muscle in goats fed a canola and palm oil blend 139 - 151 K.D. Adeyemi, M. Ismail, M. Ebrahimi, A.B. Sabow, R.M. Shittu, R. Karim & A.Q. Sazili
Population structure and genetic trends for indigenous African beef cattle breeds in South Africa (Short communication) 152 - 156 S. Abin, H.E. Theron & E. van Marle-Köster
Effects of dietary inclusion of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics on intestinal histological changes in challenged broiler chickens 157 - 165 H.H. Al-Baadani, A.M. Abudabos, S.I. Al-Mufarrej & M. Alzawqari
Assessment of heavy metal contamination in raw milk for human consumption (Short communication) 166 - 169 M. Younus, T. Abbas, M. Zafar, S. Raza, A. Khan, A.H. Saleem, M.A. Idrees, Q.U. Nisa, R. Akhtar & G. Saleem
Effects of temperature, heating time and particle size on values of rumen undegradable protein of roasted soybean 170 - 179 H. Rafiee-Yarandi, M. Alikhani, G.R. Ghorbani & A. Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi
Determining the frequencies of B1, B2, B3 and E alleles of the CSN1S1 gene and their effects on milk yield and composition in Saanen goats 180 - 190 D. Turhan Dincel, S. Ardicli, H. Samli & F. Balci
Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes coding insulin-like growth factor 1 system and milk production traits in Montbeliarde cows (Short communication) 191 - 195 M. Szewczuk
Effect of polymorphisms in the ABCG2, LEPR and SCD1 genes on milk production traits in Holstein cows 196 - 203 M. Soltani-Ghombavani, S. Ansari-Mahyari, M. Rostami, S. Ghanbari-Baghenoei & M.A. Edriss
Effects of dietary supplement of turmeric powder (Curcuma longa) on blood biochemistry parameters and antioxidant activity in chickens 204 - 213 M.A.A. Qasem, M.S. Alhajj, A.R. Jer El Nabi & S.I. Al-Mufarrej
Effects of melatonin implantation during the slow period of cashmere growth on fibre production 214 - 219 C.H. Duan, J.H. Xu, Y. Zhang, S.Q. Liu, F. M & W. Zhang

Issue: 3
2 016, Volume 46, Issue 3
Title Page Author(s)
Effects of replacing marine fishmeal with graded levels of Tra Catfish by-product protein hydrolysate on the performance and meat quality of pigs 221 - 229 N.T. Thuy, M. Joseph & N.C. Ha
Effect of sow age on the apparent total tract digestibility of nutrients in the diet 230 - 236 E. Jacyno, A. Pietruszka, W. Biel, A. Kołodziej-Skalska, B. Matysiak, M. Kawęcka & A. Sosnowska
Fatty acid profile and health lipid indices in the raw milk of ewes grazing part-time and hemp seed supplementation of lactating ewes 237 - 246 D. Mierlita
Effects of dietary supplementation of Chinese herb medicine mixture on rumen fermentation, nutrient digestion and blood profile in goats 247 - 260 S.P. Wang & W.J. Wang
Ovulatory response and embryo quality in Katahdin ewes supplemented with palm oil 261 - 268 S. Torres-Zapata, C. Luna-Palomera, J.A. Aguilar-Cabrales, J.A. Peralta-Torres, J.R. Aké-López, F. Sánchez-Dávila & J. Abad-Zavaleta
The response of broiler breeder hens to dietary balanced protein 269 - 277 E. Steenhuisen & R.M. Gous
Effects of Thymus vulgaris and Mentha pulegium on colour, nutrients and peroxidation of meat in heat-stressed broilers 278 - 284 A. Pirmohamammadi, M. Daneshyar, P. Farhoomand, J. Aliakbarlu & F. Hamian
Interactions of genotype, housing and dietary calcium in layer performance, eggshell quality and tibia characteristics 285 - 293 E. Tůmová, J. Vlčková, V. Charvátová, O. Drábek, V. Tejnecký, M. Ketta & D. Chodová
Effects of stocking density on growth performance, carcass grade and immunity of pigs housed in sawdust fermentative pigsties 294 - 301 K.H. Kim, E.S. Cho, K.S. Kim, J.E. Kim, K.H. Seol, S.J. Sa, Y.M. Kim & Y.H. Kim
Genome-wide identification of breed-informative single-nucleotide polymorphisms in three South African indigenous cattle breeds 302 - 312 A.A. Zwane, A. Maiwashe, M.L. Makgahlela, A. Choudhury, J.F. Taylor & E. van Marle-Köster
Effect of micronized zeolite addition to lamb concentrate feeds on growth performance and some blood chemistry and metabolites 313 - 320 N.N. Toprak, A. Yılmaz, E. Öztürk, O. Yigit & F. Cedden
Effects of various concentrations of gonadotropins and 17β estradiol on the in vitro maturation of cattle oocytes selected using brilliant cresyl blue staining 321 - 326 K.P.M. Lekola, J.W. Ng’ambi, M. Nkadimeng, M.L. Mphaphathi & T.L. Nedambale
Pomegranate seed oil rich in conjugated linolenic acids reduces in vitro methane production 327 - 335 E. Maleki, G.Y. Meng, M. Faseleh Jahromi, R. Jorfi, A. Khoddami & M. Ebrahimi

Issue: 4
2 016, Volume 46, Issue 4
Title Page Author(s)
Exercise-induced maximum metabolic rate scaled to body mass by the fractal dimension of the vascular distribution network 337 - 347 CZ Roux
Comparison of shear force tenderness, drip and cooking loss, and ultimate muscle pH of the loin muscle among grass-fed steers of four major beef crosses slaughtered in Namibia 348 - 359 P. Strydom, J. Lühl, C. Kahl, & L.C. Hoffman
Effects of Prosopis laevigata pods on growth performance, ruminal fermentation and blood metabolites in finishing lambs 360 - 365 L.Y. Peña-Avelino, J. M. Pinos-Rodríguez, B. I. Juárez-Flores, & L. Yáñez-Estrada
Identification of genetic variation in the major histocompatibility complex gene region in Turkish sheep breeds (Short communication) 366 - 372 F. Ilhan, I. Keskin & A. Tozluca
Growth differentiation factor 9 gene variants in Sudanese desert sheep ecotypes 373 - 379 A.S. Ali, M.T. Ibrahim, M.M. Mohammed, A.A. Elobied & G. Lühken
Effects of various pre-slaughter conditions on pig carcasses and meat quality in a low-input slaughter facility 380 - 390 N. Čobanović, M. Bošković, D.Vasilev, M. Dimitrijević, N. Parunović, J.Djordjević & N. Karabasil
Effects of types and doses of yeast on gas production and in vitro digestibility of diets containing maize (Zea mays) and lucerne (Medicago sativa) or oat hay 391 - 397 A.M.A. Elmasry G.D. Mendoza, L.A. Miranda, G. Vázquez, A.Z.M. Salem & P.A. Hernández
Productivity, chemical composition and ruminal degradability of irrigated Napier grass leaves harvested at three stages of maturity 398 - 408 M.D. Rambau, F. Fushai & J.J. Baloyi
Genetic diversity of Hajar1 and Hajar2 local Saudi chicken lines using mitochondrial DNA D-loop markers 409 - 418 A.S. Ahmed, K.A. Alhudaib & A.M. Soliman
Mangosteen peel can reduce methane production and rumen biohydrogenation in vitro 419 - 431 P. Shokryzadan, M.A. Rajion, Y.M. Goh, I. Ishak, M.F. Ramlee, M. Faseleh Jahromi & M. Ebrahimi
Blood profiles of indigenous Pedi goats fed varying levels of Vachellia karroo leaf meal in Setaria verticillata hay-based diet 432 - 440 D. Brown, J.W. Ng’ambi, D. Norris & F.E. Mbajiorgu
Geographical influence of heat stress on milk production of Holstein dairy cattle on pasture in South Africa under current and future climatic conditions 441 - 447 R. Williams, M. M. Scholtz & F. W. C. Neser
Effect of taurine and bile acid supplementation and their interaction on performance, serum components, ileal viscosity and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens 448 - 457 M.H. Alzawqari, H.H. Al-Baadani, I.B. Alhidary, A.N. Al-Owaimer & A.M. Abudabos


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